How to use CKC

CKC can inform your giving decisions and inspire ideas for granting conversations with your Calgary Foundation stewardship representative. Organizations can be searched alphabetically, by name, the key issue area they serve, by key words or by simply typing an entry into the search engine in the top right-hand corner.

There are seven search categories that reflect the Vital Foundations in the Calgary Foundation’s annual Vital Signs report including Arts, Community Connections, Environment, Lifelong Learning, Living Standards, Thriving Populations and Wellness. You can search the topics you are passionate about, and find organizations doing work in the areas that match your philanthropic goals.

See the full 2017 Calgary's Vital Signs Report to learn about the most pressing issues facing our city this year from expert research combined with the results of the citizen survey.

CKC offers opportunities to:

  • INSPIRE: CKC profiles will inspire you and deepen your knowledge of community. Explore stories of impact on our community and see details from charities on ways to support, financials, photos, videos and latest news.
  • INFORM: Search for charities that align with your values and interests by name, key issue area or key word. There are seven Vital Foundation search categories with several sub key issues from which to choose.
  • INVEST: CKC showcases meaningful ways to invest in organizations through donations, volunteering and other opportunities. Donations can be made through your donor stewardship representative or directly to the charity online.

Charitable giving resources

CKC acts as a "shared community file cabinet" for information and compelling stories that can help donors make informed, strategic charitable giving decisions. Check out the files and links for the latest info on charitable giving on the right-hand side of this page and take time to view the thought provoking videos on philanthropy.

If you'd like more information on how the Calgary Foundation can assist you in your giving decisions, contact Laily Pirbhai, VP Donor Engagement at or call 403 802-7718.