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We open doors to homes that are accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility.

Our Story Why We Exist

"Three years ago I spent three months in rehabilitation and then another eight months just waiting in hospital for a place to go. I wasn't looking forward to a future in which I was institutionalized. Accessible Housing allowed me to escape the medical system and move on living my life. Accessible Housing deserves to receive even more assistance so that it can continue to have Calgarians address their basic need for shelter, and for a home. We really need another four or five places like Fourth Dimension because we are all filled up."                         - Stewart, a future resident at Inclusio (previously at Fourth Dimension group home)

"Accessible Housing helps me grow as a person. They make my life better by giving me a safe place to live and for loving me. Here at Newbridge, at our home, we have our ups and downs, just like everybody else, but we are growing. We are a family. The staff at Accessible Housing care about me. " -  Melody, a resident at the Newbridge group home

"I am grateful every night that I have my own place to come back to at the end of the day. When I was on the streets every day I would have to think about where I was going to sleep, which shelter, under which bridge. I am just so happy to have a place to call home."                         - James, a client from the Bridge to Home program

Our Impact What We Do

Accessible Housing is a Calgary charity that opens doors to homes that are accessible, affordable and safe for people with limited mobility. Accessible Housing was formed in 1974 to meet the housing needs of young people with severe physical disabilities due to spinal cord injuries. We now help a variety of people with limited mobility through a range of housing types and supports so that everyone has a home.

  • Vision: Everyone has a home and belongs in community.
  • Mission: We open doors to homes that are accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility.

The Need

Less than 3% of Calgary's affordable housing is also accessible, this means that there are only 330 housing units that are both accessible and affordable.

By 2019, an estimated 200,000 Calgarians over the age of 15 will be living with a disability. Individuals with disabilities are four times more likely to use subsidized housing and twice as likely to use homeless shelters to those without disabilities.

Our Impact

  • 90% of our clients say that their lives would be more difficult without our support.
  • 81% of our clients have maintained or increased their social networks and relationships.
  • 80% of our clients say that they’ve maintained or increased their meaningful use of time and that they’ve maintained or increased their self-care skills.
  • 90% of our clients feel respected by staff and 95% of clients feel there is a staff member that they can approach with a concern or question.
  • To learn more about our impact last year, please read our 2015-16 Community Report.

Inclusio: Our new affordable and accessible 45-unit home.

This new home, opening late 2017, will provide 24-hour, on-site support for adults with physical mobility barriers, such as spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis. This will assist in addressing the critical gap of accessible and affordable housing stock in Calgary, decreasing hospital stays and increasing the ability of individuals to engage in their community, work, learn and thrive.

Stewart at Fourth DimensionOur Programs How We Do It

Homes in Community with care services - provides an array of residential and personal care supports for people on a daily basis. Accessible Housing operates three supportive homes.

Housing with Intensive Support - The Bridge to Home caseworker team helps clients with everything from the basics of daily living like laundry and shopping to life skills like conflict resolution and goal setting. Our team works with their clients so that they can be hopeful, healthy, dream big and thrive in the community.

Residential Accessible Design (RAD Renos) - Unfortunately there are many Calgarians who develop a mobility issue because of a new spinal injury, a progressive disease or age-related mobility issues. These individuals are often barely able to access key areas of their homes like kitchens and bathrooms. Even getting in and out of the home can be a challenge. We help by assessing barriers and then installing and renovating the home to provide a safe and barrier-free environment. This helps people avoid being institutionalized, helping them stay in their community, with their family and support networks.

Housing Registry - Re-launched in March 2017, Accessible Housing's Housing Registry keeps is a helpful resource for renters and buyers who are searching for accessible homes. – A new initiative from Accessible Housing, Accessible University launched in fall 2016 and provides information to help make your home more accessible.

Our Requests What You Can Do

Getting involved is easy. You can share your skills, advocate for accessibility in your community or come to our next event!

Volunteer - We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, energetic, committed people to share their skills. We need individuals and groups. Click here for ideas on how to get involved as a volunteer. 

Donate - Your donation will help open doors to homes for people with limited mobility. There are several different ways you can donate to Accessible Housing, such as monthly giving, donating your car or hosting a third-party event. Click here to learn more about options to donate and support Accessible Housing.

Advocate - Contact your Councillor, MLA or MP and urge them to do what they can to increase the number of accessible, affordable homes. Our leaders can do this by helping streamline approval processes for new housing to be built, to provide meaningful incentives for developers and to continue to make land available to be purchased, leased or donated so that not-for-profit organizations can build more housing. Click here for statistics. 

Stay up-to-date with our News and Events - Read our latest News and Events on our website. You can also sign up for our regular Newsletter, click here to read past issues and subscribe.


Anita Hofer
Director of Development
Charitable Number: 106682032RR0001

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