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For women in Alberta, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed type of cancer. In 2013, an estimated 2,100 women in Alberta will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Our Story Why We Exist

After experiencing breast cancer, Dr. Ardythe Taylor, Medical Director and Co-founder of BCSC, saw an opportunity to create an organization that would improve the continuity of care for women in Alberta that develop breast cancer.

After completing her treatment, Dr. Ardythe Taylor and Dr. Lesley Coulter, worked to bring about the required shift in medical care that breast cancer patients were seeking, and their answer was founding Breast Cancer Supportive Care.

Our Impact What We Do

We exist to make a meaningful difference in the lives of breast cancer patients, by providing support through individual and group care programs. We take a whole person approach to care, by providing patients with support for mental, spiritual and emotional health, in addition to physical treatment. Our programs help patients navigate the many physical and emotional side effects that arise from breast cancer, allowing them to move on confidently through their recovery process.

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Our non-profit centre is funded by donations, for which our Founder, Dr. Taylor, originally from B.C., is truly grateful, because the need for after-care — be it medical, psychological, nutritional, etc. — is critical. “The World Health Organization declared breast cancer the very first cancer that fits the criteria of a chronic medical condition,” she said. “This whole supportive care is now springing up in different places because it’s the new piece that’s needed . . . for people who are living longer.”

Our Programs How We Do It

Our patients are treated as individuals and our services are customized to meet their needs. We offer group and individual programs that assist patients at the time of diagnosis, during their treatment and throughout their recovery.

We offer patients the opportunity to meet with a multi-disciplinary medical team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and dietitians, who work together to empower patients and help them make informed decisions about their treatment options and their life following treatment. 

Below is an overview, but to learn more about our programs visit our programs link.  

Multidisciplinary Medical Practice - patients and their family members meet one-on-one with physicians specialized in breast cancer care and supports are available as required.

Healthy Living after Breast Cancer Program - provides a structured and individualized wellness program for breast cancer patients who have completed active treatment.

Special Projects and Research - special projects and research will be undertaken based on the strategic priorities of the BCSC, community need, feedback from patients, and the availability of funding.

Scotiabank runners standing arm-in-armOur Requests What You Can Do


Being diagnoised with breast cancer is scary. It can turn your world upside down. Since opening our doors in 2003, we've helped support more than 3,000 Calgarians by providing personalized and customized support towards their diagnosis, treatment and recovery from breast cancer. With just over three weeks away until race day, on May 28, 2017, Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation Scotiabank runners are off to a great start, already raising $21,000! We are at 18% of our fundraising goal of $120,000.

When you donate to BCSC, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of Calgarians with breast cancer today. Your donation will help support the development and delivery of treatment and recovery programs that provide immediate support to patients and their families. 

To make a direct donation to Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!


Volunteers are one of our most precious resources. Volunteers play an integral role in the continuing success and positive evolution of our organization. As a volunteer at BCSC you will gain the following benefits:

  • Orientation and on the job training that will provide you with the knowledge needed to carry out the duties assigned to you.
  • Opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills or utilize existing skills and gain experience in a charitable organization focused on health and wellness in the field of breast cancer.
  • Knowledge of the needs of breast cancer patients and their families.
  • A sense of being valued and needed, combined with the knowledge that your efforts make a difference and are a positive contribution to the organization and the women in this community.

Areas of Opportunities for Volunteers:

  • Board of Directors – BCSC is managed through a volunteer Board of Directors. The Foundation is seeking individuals whose expertise and experience will continue to direct and guide the organization forward in meeting its ambitious goals for the future.
  • Board of Directors - Three year term.



Cammie Kaulback
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 816176945RR0001

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