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Our transformational programs build resilience in mind, body and spirit; empowering people to live fully.

Finding Your PathOur Story Why We Exist

There is no health without mental health

We exist to help people learn how to overcome barriers. Through our programs, they gain confidence and self-worth. By discovering how to reduce stress, their well-being improves and they are more aware—and capable—of living life to the fullest.

People taking our programs report feeling more connected with living and a change in perspective.

"The program [BreathingRoom] had a tremendous impact on my life. It allowed me to focus on myself and how I feel about situations. No longer was my life based on how others viewed me. Instead it was based on how I related to myself and my goals and priorities. I learned to deal with my depression in a better way.”

—Sarah’s story

Experience FreedomOur Impact What We Do

At CINIM, we develop proven, reliable, high-quality programs that give people simple ways to manage their everyday challenges and improve their quality of life. These programs help people consciously and positively shift their views, attitudes, actions and emotional responses.

We help people change their views of themselves and the world so they become more aware of their individuality and the fact they are not alone. 

Our programs give individuals insight into their lives, health, feelings and behaviours. Through simple practical approaches, they are able to make conscious, fulfilling choices.

By encouraging people to pause and reflect on their behaviors, abilities and actions, they gain more control of their emotions and reactions in different situations. With our programs, people are able to find the root causes of their problems, let go of fear, and learn life skills to handle their challenges. Through awareness, they learn how to take charge of their lives, actions and mental wellness. The result is more meaningful and honest interactions with themselves and others.

Program participants experience higher levels of energy and motivation, fewer negative feelings and an increased understanding of themselves.

Breathing RoomOur Programs How We Do It

We focus CINIM’s expertise, knowledge and research on understanding the relationships between mind, body and spirit. Our team is dedicated to helping people overcome anxiety, depression and the complexities of modern life.

We create products and services with innovative approaches to mental wellness. Our programs and services are safe, effective and can be used with other treatments and programs to help individuals and communities become strong and more confident.  We work with heath-care professionals, educators, researchers and, most importantly, community members, to create our programs and then test their effectiveness and relatability. New programs are based on feedback from previous programs, identified community needs and scientific insight.

BreathingRoom - This successful online program is created to teach youth, ages 13 to 24, new ways to manage stress, depression and anxiety, and how to strengthen coping strategies. Available 24/7, BreathingRoom is compatible with school programs and conventional mental health treatment. It is one of the few evidence based e-health tools in the world, and the first for Canada. This revolutionary program appeals to youth through eight modules of meaningful activities, core principles and life skills.

Lieutenant Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction, True Imagination Award 2014

CINIM will make BreathingRoom available to more than 5,000 youth in 2015. The program is currently being implemented in multiple sites, including Calgary, Cold Lake, Olds, Newfoundland and Labrador.

CINIM Conversations: Connecting with our community - CINIM Conservations are lively group sessions that allow us to gather insights into individual and community needs, concerns and problems. These insights play a role in developing new programs.

Consultation - CINIM helps organizations tackle complex workplace wellness issues through expert guidance and custom programs. We also provide expertise to the media, academic and research organizations, and to a variety of international advisory panels.

International Learning Exchange - We  promote international exchange programs in medicine, research, nursing, education and environmental management.

Network and Community Support - CINIM is an active member of:

  • Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health. The consortium advances the principles and practices of integrative health care within 61 international academic institutions and medical centres.
  • Consciousness, Healing and the Role of Biofield Science.  Key international thought leaders/scientists collaborate to forward the study of how consciousness influences our epigenetics (behaviour, genetics and health).
  • The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s  e-Mental Health Steering Committee. Experts and thought leaders from across the country help to direct, guide, and advise the development of a briefing paper on delivering electronic mental health programs in Canada.

Working TogetherOur Requests What You Can Do

Be a part of the CINIM experience:

Donate - Your donation to CINIM helps us create and share our programs with individuals, families and communities. Our goal is to makes our programs widely available. Currently, we’re working to make BreathingRoom available to all Canadian youth.

You can help us with a donation of money, technical support or expertise.

Join - CINIM is always open to new ideas, suggestions and expertise. We are continually looking for passionate people to join our team; become a volunteer or a partner and help us create our future. Your support enables us to continue our work transforming lives through revolutionary health programs.

  • By joining in our CINIM Conversations, you can help us explore life’s common struggles and gain fresh insights that will help us create our future mental wellness programs.
  • To volunteer or join a CINIM Conversation go to 

Recommend - Spread awareness of what CINIM does by recommending and sharing our programs and services. Endorsing programs such as BreathingRoom to a young person who is struggling with depression, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed by life, might just help someone who really needs it.

  • Join us in building stronger communities, one person at a time.  


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