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Unlocking potential so all can learn! CanLearn is a leader in services for learning and attention difficulties and an innovator in literacy programming.

Celia embracing two young ladies on a couchOur Story Why We Exist

At 53, Celia referred herself for an attention assessment after both her adult children were diagnosed with ADHD. All her life Celia had struggled with task completion, efficiency, organizational issues, and forgetfulness. Given the strong hereditary component of ADHD, her family encouraged her to pursue an assessment.

After a thorough assessment process, including meetings with the psychologists and physicians at CanLearn, a diagnosis of ADHD was confirmed and Celia chose to participate in a medication trial. She immediately noticed improvements in her focus, clarity of mind, task initiation, task completion, and reduced anxiety. In her own words,

"I am now in a place again that feels normal and am enjoying that very much."


At CanLearn, we exist to unlock potential so all residents of the Calgary Region can learn and grow to their fullest potential. Our work for the past 36 years has been focused on helping children, youth and adults with learning, literacy and attention difficulties. We maintain a high quality service and programming and explore how we can increase Calgarians' quality of life.

CanLearn Society LogoOur Impact What We Do

CanLearn wants everyone to have the opportunity to get help with their learning and attention issues. At CanLearn we have 36 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of learning and attention difficulties (ADHD) and gifted individuals.

Mission: The CanLearn Society creates, uses and shares knowledge to remove learning barriers and support life long learning. Vision: Unlocking potential so all can learn.

Annual Highlights: 2014-2015

2014-2015 was a time to focus on developing our organization and building the capcity of our people, by far the most precious resource at CanLearn. Through our support from Social Venture Partners, the board and management developed a one-page strategic plan, recruited highly skilled volunteers and took part in the Fast Pitch program (Dragon's Den meets Ted Talks).

  • For over 25 years our Clinic has been providing a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of ADHD. The families that come to our Clinic work with a physician and physchologists to determine the best treatment plan to cope with their attention difficulties. Clients can explore if medication is a good fit for them and develop strategies to help better manage their attention difficulties at home and at school.
  • We don't work just with kids. For the past 15 years, we've also worked with adults. We're pleased to have a psychiatrist on our team who can work with our psychologists to help adults whose attention difficulties are having a negative impact on them at work, in their studies, or in their relationships.
  • Magic Carpet Ride: Building parents' capacity to support their children's readiness for school and consider their own learning needs and opportunities. 128 families where 203 children participated. 87% of children demonstrate age appropriate early literacy skills and 70% of parents plan to participate in adult learnin programs in the next five years.

Our Programs How We Do It

CanLearn’s work is comprised of assessment services, ADHD coaching and strategies, groups and  literacy programs. Our work is backed by the support of our clients and families. Our team offers:

  • complete and in-depth approach to assessments that includes interviewing, observation, and questionnaires.
  • team approach to assessments involves psychologists and pediatricians.
  • high level of expertise and specialization in the areas of learning and assessment for all ages.
  • Learning strategy sessions
  • ADHD coaching.

Our Requests What You Can Do

Isn’t it rewarding to watch someone succeed? At CanLearn we see the children, youth and adults who come through our doors thrive. It is a great pleasure to help others unlock their potential. Together, we can unlock potential so all can learn!

At CanLearn we change lives every day by serving adults, children and families with learning and literacy challenges. We help all who access our services to build the skills and strategies they need to read and learn with confidence, to regulate emotions and behaviour, and to manage their learning and attention difficulties.

Your support helps all who come to CanLearn access the help they need to become successful learners, ultimately changing the direction of their lives.CanLearn Society relies on the generosity of kindhearted individuals, families and corporations to support its goals.

A gift to CanLearn Society is a gift of empowerment, opportunity and hope for many people who are challenged by learning, literacy or attention issues.


You can also support us by becoming a CanLearn Volunteer!

Each year, volunteers at CanLearn Society work together with us to provide their knowledge, skill, experience and interests to help us further our work in the community.

If you…

  • like working with pre-school and school-aged children and their families
  • enjoy storytelling and reading books
  • are able to volunteer 2 to 6 hours a week for at least 6 months
  • have good English skills

…then you might enjoy volunteering for the Magic Carpet Ride or Share the Magic programs. If you're ready to volunteer, click here.


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