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Suicide is irreversible. There is only one answer to suicide and that is prevention. As every member of a family devastated by suicide knows, after the fact is too late.

Our Story Why We Exist

Imagine a 747 crashing and killing all those on board. Now imagine that happening every month for an entire year. What would our response be? Without question, we would be up in arms, demanding that something be done. We would not tolerate 400 people a month losing their lives prematurely. And yet this is how many Canadians die by suicide every single month—enough to fill a jumbo jet! Just like a plane crash, these deaths are preventable. Just like a plane crash, these people do not want to die. We can help them!

Suicide is about ending pain, not about dying. It is hard to imagine pain so great, and hopelessness so deep, that one would take the irreversible act of suicide.  Tragically, most suicides are preventable.

Suicide affects both genders.  In the approximate 4000 people who die by suicide every year in Canada, about 3000 are men.  Women, however, attempt suicide 2 – 3 times more often than men, often ending up in hospital.

Suicide spans every age. It is hard to believe children as young as 6 and 7 are attempting to end their own lives, yet shockingly this is happening. People over 65 now have the highest suicide rate of all age groups.  “Baby Boomers” have had higher suicide rates than previous generations.  There is concern as this cohort enters the 65 and older age range that this will translate into a tremendous increase in suicides in the coming years. Words like “epidemic” are being used to describe the emerging statistics.

The stigma of suicide must not prevent us from acting. People who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, and families who have experienced suicide deaths need safe people to walk with them in their experiences. 

Video: How Many People Die by Suicide? (Full Length - Run Time 1:57)                     The number of people who die by suicide each year in Canada equates to a jumbo jet 747 crashing and killing everyone on board... every single month of the year.

Our Impact What We Do

The Centre for Suicide Prevention is a unique centre in Canada.  We work to prevent suicide by educating how to recognize when an individual is at risk of suicide, and how to get that person to the help they need. Life is precious. 

Annual activity level, 2014-15:

  • 7000 people attended nearly 450 workshops
  • 1300+ email subscribers
  • 8500+ Twitter followers
  • 60000+ yearly website visitors

Our Programs How We Do It

Education is one of the few best practices in suicide prevention, and we educate people in many ways. We offer training workshops, presentations, webinars, an active Twitter feed, a resource-rich website, information Toolkits, knowledge translation articles and opinion-editorial columns, literature searches and rapid reviews, browsable book and journal collection, searchable database of more than 40,000 articles, secondary research support and subject matter expertise.

You Can HelpOur Requests What You Can Do

  1. You can help by increasing your awareness about suicide by taking a suicide awareness workshop.
  2. Participate in a free webinar!
  3. Read the free materials on our website. You can reduce the stigma surrounding suicide by making yourself more aware.
  4. Fundraising - come help us with our latest event!
  5. Come volunteer with us!


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Executive Director
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