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The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is the largest all-Canadian Wish granting charity dedicated to granting Wishes to Canadian children between the ages of three and 17 who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Addison is the only person in Canada diagnosed with Congenital TTP, a blood diseaseOur Story Why We Exist

Meet Addison

Addison is a happy, social four-year-old.

Her mom says, “Honestly, if you didn’t know how sick she was, you wouldn’t realize it. She’s a social butterfly. She meets friends everywhere she goes.”

At only five months, doctors discovered she had a rare illness, Congenital TTP which causes her blood platelet count to drop rapidly causing blood clots in her veins. She has a high risk of stroke, heart issues, kidney failure, and brain aneurysms. Her illness is so dangerous, if she contracts a bug from someone and her treatments fail she becomes critical quickly and needs to be admitted to hospital.

Addison love Princesses, like Elsa from Frozen, and dolphins. Her Wish is to go on a Disney Cruise to meet all her favorite princesses and kiss a dolphin. Addison and her family leave in Spring of 2017!

The joy of a Wish lasts a lifetime. Your donations will give Addison the memory of meeting a beautiful princess and of a dolphin kiss, so that every time she pricks her arms for much-needed blood transfusions, she’ll remember the joy of that experience. 

Our Impact What We Do

The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, works with the community to provide the most heartfelt Wish to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the best quality of life possible, experience laughter, shared joy and memories with the important people in their lives.

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is the largest all Canadian Wish granting charity dedicated to granting Wishes to Canadian children between the ages of three and 17 who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. For 32 years, Children’s Wish has worked tirelessly to grant heartfelt Wishes to nearly 25,000 children and their families.

The AB/NWT chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation has granted more than 2,000 Wishes and will grant close to 130 Wishes this year. In 2016, we are experiencing an unprecedented increase of Wish referrals. With the help of you, our donors, Children’s Wish can meet this demand and continue to grant the next most heartfelt Wish. Visit for more information and to donate.

With every Wish you help us grant,  the power of joy provides the refuge from the treatments, needle pokes, and hospital stays that Wish children deal with in their day-to-day lives.

Thanks to you, we have never refused a child's Wish and with your continue help we never will!


ANNUAL REPORT - Canada, 2015 - Wishes work wonders and rally a community:

  • 3 Wishes are granted each day, every day of the year across Canada
  • 557 cities and towns from coast-to-coast impact children and families
  • Wish children have flown to 172 cities around the World
  • 5,023 family members were involved in a Wish
  • 100% of Wish parents say positive emotional or physicaal benefits for their child*
  • *2015 Children's Wish Family Survey

Jonas and his cousins enjoy Jonas' Wish poolOur Programs How We Do It

After three decades focused on granting the Wishes of children with life threatening illnesses, Children's Wish is now expanding our reach to grant more Wishes and bring the power of joy to more children!

Per the encouragement of physicians who have indiacted the great need, children with severe neurological and genetic diagnoses like cerebral palsy are now eligible for their own heartfelt Wish. These are children with mobility challenges who are often largely or fully dependent on their families for their day-to-day activities. 

Advances in medicine and technology are making it possible for children with these diagnoses to survive into adulthood. But while science may have extended their lives, these children face incredible challenges as they struggle with the need for constant care and hospitalization, as well as severe disabilities and delays in their development - all of which can contribute to a premature death.

Your donations ensure we can meet the needs of these Wish children and their families and that we never refuse a child their wish!

ANNUAL REPORT - Canada, 2016 Our hospital partnerships:

  • 139 hospitals and clinics treated our Wish children over the past year
  • 1,239 health care professionals across Canada referred children to us last year
  • 537 hometowns of Wish children across Canada

Our Requests What You Can Do

Keith has been volunteering for Children's Wish for 15 years.

It began when a co-worker asked him one day during the summer if he wanted to go Dragon Boat racing that evening. Keith's co-worker was looking for an alternative fundraising opportunity for Children's Wish. As an active guy, Keith jumped at the chance. It was there that he met Patty, a Wish mum on their team. Despite the cold conditions, Patty's story lit a fire in Keith that warmed his heart. He was inspired.

The team has grown more tightly knit since that first year. Keith is one of a core group of 10 people - like Dan Owen of OCL Studios and Jean Hunt of Ski Cellar Snowboard - who row and fundraise every year. They have even attracted former opponents to the team who were Wish parents! To this point, they are nearing the $500,000 total mark. Even in years where the Dragon Boat race was cancelled, Keith and his teammates put on functions at the Red and White Club with help from Dan of OCL Studios to make sure the team hit their fundraising marks.

Once he was in, Keith began lending his time to other Wish initiatives. He has taken part in Wish granting events, helping staff deliver the pwoer of joy to a Wish child. He has volunteered at numerous other events like the Holt Renfrew Holiday Shopping Night as well as larger first-party events like the Wishmaker Walk. As he puts it, "Anything Children's Wish needs, I'm there. I'm pretty sure I'm on speed dial now." He has even been honored at our Gala for his outstanding philanthropy.

Keith is one of dozens of dedicated volunteers who lend their time to yearly initiatives to grant Wishes. But, like so many of our most dedicated volunteers, Keith believes it's a team effort.

"There's a group doing all of this. They are there to step up to the plate every time I call. It really wouldn't look as good as it does without all those people."

To volunteer like Keith, click here. Want to go the extra mile and put on an event? Click here for the resources to put together an event with our help.


Kyla Martin
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 124038878RR0001

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