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Experience Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park with the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation! We built the Trans Canada Trail through the park in 2011, and provide continued support to the park by managing Glenbow’s visitor services, educational, fundraising, volunteer, and grasslands research programs.

A class of school children dressed in brightly colored shirts overlooking the Bow River valley from Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.Our Story Why We Exist

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is our family’s favorite place.

Over the summer we enjoy watching the yellow-bellied sapsuckers on Tiger Lily loop grow from noisy little hatchlings to adults. The muskrats at the pond are familiar friends, and we see the plants and animals change with the seasons. We bike along Yodel Loop and wave to the crows who keenly watch us from the fence posts and poplars. Our longer bike rides have special stops along the way, such as where the beavers have chewed the trees. I love to sit on the hillsides and read a book, or take a peaceful walk along the river.

The Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation has been there from the start. They helped create the park’s trails, wayside signs, and visitor centre.  Now they give us amazing ways to experience the outdoors. Their fantastic family programs help our family learn and grow together in nature’s classroom. 

- Nancy Partlow, Park User and Enthusiast

The iconic Glenbow Store. A rather run-down wooden building with a bright blue sky in the background.Our Impact What We Do

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation exists to support Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, one of Alberta’s newest provincial parks. Located along the north shore of the Bow River between Calgary and Cochrane, the park boundaries encompass more than 1,300 hectares of foothills parkland and native grasslands. These surroundings provide fantastic opportunities for the foundation to teach visitors about significant natural features, endangered ecosystems and rare species, the historic Glenbow town-site and quarry, and the ranching and industrial history of the region. It is estimated that over the next decade millions of visitors will use the Park. We will be here to provide them with a great park experience!

OUR MISSION: Through a unique partnership with the Government of Alberta, the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation supports the operations and development of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. 

OUR VISION: Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a pre-eminent tourism destination that inspires all visitors to become stewards of the land.

OUR HISTORY: The foundation was established in 2007. The GRPF is part of the Harvie family’s contribution to the build-out of the provincial park, making it accessible to all Albertans. We are a registered charitable organization working to make Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park a great destination for visitors and to residents of Alberta.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Since 2011 we’ve built nearly 30km of trails and visitor facilities through the park. This includes the interpretive signage, maps, visitor centre, and washrooms. The main east-west trail in the park is part of the Trans Canada Trail system. The foundation has helped provide Albertans with year-round recreation opportunities in a natural surrounding nestled between Calgary and Cochrane. We continue to work with the Government of Alberta to ensure the provision of educational and public programs for park visitors; fundraising and volunteer opportunities for the general public; and ongoing grasslands research to benefit all Albertans.

A fully-loaded 8 person electric golf cart on the Glenbow Ranch asphalt trail. Bright green hills and a blue sky in the background.Our Programs How We Do It

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation’s goal is sustainability. Our aim is to provide public programs and carry out research into the park’s native grasslands while ensuring that we have sufficient funding to do so for many years into the future. To make this happen, we seek out grants and sponsorships, and charge fees for our programs. Every dollar that you contribute to the foundation or spend to participate in one of our programs goes to support the development and delivery of quality events that raise public awareness about the park’s valuable natural and cultural resources.


The GRPF is responsible for the Park’s Visitor Services. We started with the 2010 renovations to the Visitor Information Centre, followed by the installation of interpretive signage. Today, we provide all of the public programs at the park. From park talks to interpretive golf cart tours and family programs, it’s the Foundation at work! Our Discover Archaeology and Discover Grasslands school outreach programs are our connections directly into your community. Our school programs reach nearly 2000 students each year while our on-park docents greet thousands of park visitors and answer the many questions they have. 


Grassland ecosystems play an important role in providing clean water, producing rich forage for wildlife, and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The GRPF’s Shell Grasslands Recovery Project is researching the best ways to restore native grasslands and working to manage the invasive plant species we find at the park.


In 2010, the GRPF built almost 30km of trails through Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. The main paved pathway is part of the Trans Canada Trail system. These trails provide access to visitors on foot and bike; in wheelchairs; and on skateboards and rollerblades. We even host an occasional snowshoer or skier. The GRPF believes that recreation in natural surroundings benefits both the mind and the body. Experience Glenbow today!


The park is a wonderful place for relaxation, recreation, rejuvenation, and inspiration. From all you experience and learn during your visit to the park, we hope that you take home with you a sense of stewardship for your own neighbourhood. Interested in donating your time to make Glenbow Ranch a special place? Let us know. The foundation has over 50 dedicated volunteers who make the park an exceptional place for an outing. They contribute thousands of hours each year interacting with the public, assisting with grasslands research, and raising awareness about the importance of the park.


We depend on private and public financial support for our programs and park development initiatives. Your donations to the Foundation guarantee the ongoing success of what you experience at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.  Our friend-raising and fundraising efforts ensure that we fulfill our mission today and tomorrow.

Brightly colored fair tents add color to the background while runners get ready for a half-marathon on a mid-summer morning.Our Requests What You Can Do


The Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization. We issue charitable receipts for any donation you are generous enough to contribute to our cause. We can receive donations online and via mail. Any questions, please just give us a call. Thank you for your support!


You too can call yourself a Member of the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation Family!

A small fee provides you with program and event discounts, deals at local merchants, and the great satisfaction of knowing that your gift of a mere $35 (for an individual) or $50 (for a family) will help support protect your Park’s natural and resources, build programs and develop Park infrastructure.

The Membership Program allows members to contribute to the sustainability of the Foundation, our programs and projects, while engaging with Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and receiving benefits of membership.  A healthy membership program will reflect the public support and value of the Park and the Foundation.

          GRPF Membership Benefits:

  • Support Your Park
  • E-Newsletter
  • Behind-The-Scenes info on the Park
  • 15% discount of GRPF Park Programs and Events
  • Perks from the Park Partners
  • Invites to information nights

For a printable form, please CLICK HERE    To sign up online, please CLICK HERE


Check out our events calendar and sign up for a variety of programs offered at the park. From park talks to golf cart tours; pond exploration programs to bat talks, we have a lot to offer. Program fees all go towards supporting the foundation and making this a great park to visit!


Help create a world class park by joining the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation’s “Adopt Program”.   By “Adopting” a bench or a resting rock you will help the Foundation in our work to support Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

When you join the Adopt-A-Bench/Rock Program, the GRPF installs a plaque engraved with a personalized inscription on the bench or resting rock of your choice. Inscriptions can celebrate a life or share a moment.

The total cost of donating to the Adopt-A-Bench/Rock program for a ten year term is $3,500 and a tax receipt will be given for the full amount.

To see a map of the Adopt-A-Bench/Rock sites CLICK HERE.


Always thinking outside the box, the foundation is thrilled to work with corporate Alberta. Interested in making your marketing dollars go further while supporting a great cause? Consider sponsoring a children’s program, a golf cart tour, interpretive signage, a wildlife camera, or an incredible group of volunteers. Drop us a line of give us a call and we can discuss the many possibilities.


Susan de Caen
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 836853754RR0001

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