Lougheed House Conservation Society

A National and Provincial Historic Site and Museum, we tell diverse stories about our past and present, which help us all understand this community and our place in it. We are the Beltline's 14,000 square-foot hub of cultural happenings and programs on 2.8 acres of gardens and lawns.

Lougheed House and Gardens, a National and Provincial Historic Site in Calgary's Beltline.Our Story Why We Exist

We are a dynamic connector to our past as Calgary continues to evolve and grow. The Lougheeds made the House an important cultural and social hub for Calgary at the turn of the century, and so too our work to engage our community reflects this premise - making the site, and the heritage it represents, accessible and relevant to our diverse and growing city.

Lougheed House, a National and Provincial Historic Site built in 1891 and open to the public since 2005, contributes to the life of the Beltline community through arts and cultural programming and events, private weddings and corporate events, school programs, the heritage gardens and our diverse exhibition program and museum. Our total attendance grew significantly in 2016, reaching almost 100,000 visitors for both our paid indoor programs and events, and our free outdoor gardens.

The House was built by Sir James and Lady Isabella Lougheed for their growing family of six children. The family resided in the 14,000 square-foot home until 1936, and established themselves as strong supporters of the arts and the community. It is one of, if not the last, remaining pieces of architectural design of its kind on the Canadian Prairies today. It is managed by the non-profit Lougheed House Conservation Society.

We tell diverse stories about the past which helps us all to understand our community and our place in it. From the story of Sir James and Lady Isabella Lougheed's community involvement to the use of the House after 1936 by the Dominion-Provincial Youth Employment Training Program, the Canadian Women’s Army Corps and the Canadian Red Cross Society, many perspectives on our past are available through the House's history. We provide access for all to Alberta’s rich cultural heritage and foster contemporary perspectives on local arts and culture.

We offer spectacular flower and vegetable gardens (free and accessible daily until 11 p.m.) and indoors (with paid admission) we provide self-guided and guided tours, audio tours, historic interpreters (if booked in advance) and year round revolving exhibits, concerts and happenings produced in partnership with our cultural collaborators.

Our history is relevant to our contemporary community challenges, and it is the role of Lougheed House to be a dynamic connector to our past as Calgary continues to evolve and grow.  


Lougheed House exhibits and programs connect our community.Our Impact What We Do

Each year almost 17,000 people choose to experience heritage and culture in the Lougheed House's uniquely immersive environment. And almost 80,000 people use our 2.8-acre gardens for weddings, events, dog walks, picnics and quiet reflection in the Beltline's most peaceful green space.

We produce curriculum-driven school programs, ongoing exhibitions, a museum collection, permanent exhibits, interpretive programs and guided (as well as audio) tours. Events such as book launches, educational talks, comedy nights, live theatre, workshops and film screenings offer opportunities for the community to connect, engage with each other, and actively participate in Calgary’s dynamic and evolving cultural scene. We created 13 programming partnerships with our "cultural collaborators" in 2016.

In 2016, Lougheed House celebrated its 125th Anniversary via special programs and events, including our 125th Anniversary Party that drew over 1,000 people to our grounds in late July for outdoor music, comedy, crafts and culture.

We continue to engage our community through our core of active volunteers and members, and by reaching out to further ensure our offerings reflect the contemporary needs of our Beltline neighbourhood and wider community. We continue to develop new partnerships with community organizations to deliver more exhibitions and programs,  providing new opportunities for visitors to engage with the history of the site and with regional culture.

Lougheed House School Programs ParticipantOur Programs How We Do It

Lougheed House’s activities build on our ongoing work at the House to make life better for Calgarians:  In 2016, total attendance grew by 20% and general paid admissions grew by 30%. 

  • 16,600 - Total paid attendance.
  • 80,000 - The number of visitors who enjoyed the Gardens at Lougheed House. 
  • 5,925 - The number of guests who enjoyed our 75 corporate and private events. 
  • 216 - The number of people who took our interpretive tours.
  • 1,140 - The number of visitors who took our audio tours.
  • 1,179 - The number of students who enjoyed a hands-on immersive experience with heritage. 

The Lougheed House provides a variety of exhibits, programs and events, such as:

  • Exhibitions in the Lougheed House Gallery, showcasing local arts and heritage, engaging visitors in Alberta history and culture.
  • Talks and Film Series, opportunities to grow our audiences, in particular new and younger Calgarians, engaging them in diverse aspects of our contemporary culture.
  • Interpretive and Audio Tours of the Museum, providing interactive opportunities to learn more about an important founding Calgary family.
  • Lougheed House Christmas, bringing the season to life with contemporary designs applied to our Victorian mansion.
  • School Programs,  a range of curriculum-based programs for Kindergarten through Grade 6, providing children with an immersive experience in history engaging them in a discussion about Alberta’s past and its impact on today.  Our programs allow students to discover their Albertan heritage. For more information, visit our website http://www.lougheedhouse.com/school-programs/

Lougheed House Garden VolunteersOur Requests What You Can Do

We welcome you to get involved, and help the community engage in its past, to encourage new thinking about our future!

We encourage you to donate to support our ongoing operations: Lougheed House - donations

Lougheed House is operated by a non-profit organization that raises approximately 30% of its revenues through donations, sponsorship, event rentals, and partnerships.

We are always looking for volunteer support to ensure the delivery of programming and to engage the community. Volunteering opportunities are offered at the House and in our Gardens. Opportunities are available in assisting events and interpreting the House. Garden volunteers assist the Head Gardener in nurturing and beautifying the Gardens. For more information, visit our website: http://www.lougheedhouse.com/volunteer/

Lougheed House Membership is available on an annual basis and provides access year-round to the House, voting privileges in the AGM, discounts at our Shop and special member opportunities.


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Executive Director
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