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Though it is never easy to ask for assistance, all mothers need a helping hand from time to time. Whether the need results from a sudden or chronic injury or illness, the birth of a child, general feelings of being overwhelmed or a situation of adversity, it can be difficult to know where to turn when you do indeed need help.

Volunteers lending a handOur Story Why We Exist

Sally is a single mother to two beautiful children aged 1 and 5. She lives in a small condo on the 3rd floor. A year ago, while Sally was still pregnant with her youngest, she received a devastating diagnosis.  Sally had stage 4 cancer. Since then, Sally has undergone a series of operations, drug trials and many courses of treatment. Her weight has plummeted along with her energy levels, but not her positive attitude or her sense of humour. Sally does not have extended family living in Calgary to offer practical support, so Sally contacted Made by Momma. In her e-mail, Sally described how she struggles with some of the household tasks such as changing the bed linens or carrying loads of laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs after receiving her exhausting cancer treatments. She does not drive, so grocery shopping and cooking had become challenging.  Sally needed help, and we provided it. Our Made by Momma volunteers rallied together to cook healthy meals for Sally and her children, and our volunteers offered to visit Sally on a weekly basis to help with those household chores she struggles with and to deliver the meals that will nourish her family for the coming week. These acts of selflessness and giving on the part of our volunteers mean that Sally has a few less things to worry about as she fights her battle with cancer. 

Essentials like diapers are always neededOur Impact What We Do

Helping mothers and young children in times of crisis or adversity is what Made by Momma is all about. Being a mother to infants and young children can be stressful and exhausting. Add post-partum depression, physical illness, multiple births, or a family tragedy into the equation and the result can be devastating.  Our clients tell us the wholesome meals, kind words and helping hands our volunteers provide make a huge difference in their lives.

We felt a strong need to “pay it forward” and Made by Momma was conceived. A warm batch of muffins, a hot meal, a box of baby clothing or a visit from a new friend may not change the world...or could it?

Made by Momma began as a small group of women with big ideas to help make the lives of struggling moms in our community a little bit easier with some practical peer-to-peer support. Those big ideas have now grown into a large network of over 350 volunteers.  Our services are geared towards families with young children affected by short-term or life-changing illness or injury by providing healthy meals, wholesome baked goods, baby essentials, supportive in-home visitors and other services to allow mothers the time they need to rest, recover and focus on their families.

Made by Momma is a grassroots non-profit organization and registered Canadian charity located in Calgary. Because we are 100% volunteer-run organization, our operating costs are kept low, and the effectiveness of donated dollars/items very high.

TCF Allyson Palaschuk and the value of helping familiesOur Programs How We Do It

At Made by Momma, we know that in times of crisis we can change the life of a family simply through wholesome nourishment and nurturing care. We believe that our services are vital to providing aid to the socially, emotionally and/or financially distressed.

Made by Momma is able to provide the assistance and support needed to maintain a family’s physical and emotional health during difficult life situations. The families we assist have one thing in common. They are dealing with challenges and facing times of adversity. Some are dealing with illness, some are grieving the loss of a child or spouse, some struggle with post-partum depression, some are struggling to adjust to the demands of newborn twins or triplets, and some have lost their means of income. Whatever the reason, these families need to gather their strength to overcome the hurdles they face, and when faced with a crisis, families often do not have the means to plan and prepare healthy meals.  Made by Momma believes wholesome nutrition is vital, especially during life’s more challenging phases.

Our volunteer network of caring, compassionate supporters work together to provide practical peer-to-peer support with the following programs and services:

  • Meal Support / Food Bank Services (prepared meals/baking, food hampers)
  • Baby Essentials
  • In-home family support
  • Children’s Clothing Bank
  • Children’s Book & Toy Bank
  • Adopt-a-Momma for Christmas-Volunteer Program
  • Sense of Community

Our Volunteer Resource Centre is in West Hillhurst NW, but our services reach every quadrant of the city including surrounding areas such as Airdrie, Strathmore, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River. 


Allyson Palaschuk
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