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Every second counts when a child goes missing. Through the use of an in house team of investigators, mobile and social technology and strong partnerships in the community we hope for the quick and safe recovery of every missing child. We reunite families.

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Police receive over 41,000 reports of missing children annually; that’s equivalent of one child every 12 minutes. On average, 200 are abduction cases, thousands are disappearances and over 30,000 children are considered ‘at risk’ runaways (who we now refer to as Vulnerable Youth) who will face extreme challenges and dangerous situations once away from their home, including drugs, violence, human trafficking and homelessness.

Whether it is a disappearance, a parental abduction or a vulnerable youth, Missing Children Society of Canada supports families throughout their most unimaginable experience. The following is one family’s journey with the Missing Children Society of Canada:       

One Closed File was 16 Years in the Making

Two young siblings were reunited with their searching family in British Columbia after 16 long, difficult years. The brother and sister - whose names we are keeping confidential out of respect for their privacy - were abducted by their non-custodial mother. At the tender ages of 5 and 2, the young children were stolen away to the United States, beginning what would be a very long and damaging ordeal.

There was great concern for their physical health and safety - including the young girl’s serious heart condition going untreated throughout the entire abduction. There was also the unimaginable emotional devastation forced upon them and their searching family. From the beginning, Missing Children Society of Canada had been actively investigating their abduction, following up on tips and connecting with the searching family. Nearly 16 years exactly to the day, we were thrilled to be able to successfully close this active investigation and bring these children home to safety.“We can’t do this work alone,” explained Ted Davis, Investigator with MCSC. “The RCMP were very cooperative with us on this case, which speaks to the strong working relationship we have built with our law enforcement partners over the past 28 years.” “With the hope of creating a neutral mediator, the family was hesitant to have direct police involvement and approached us for help. Our law enforcement partners were open to working with us in this way, and as a result we were able to move the investigation forward and successfully reunite this family.”

Yet our involvement in this family’s journey is far from over. We will continue to support the family and the reunited young adults through the reunification process, including access to our Family Support Program. All of our services are provided free-of-charge to our searching families.The siblings, now young adults, are living back in their home in British Columbia. They are both doing very well - renewing their relationship with their fathers and updating their education. It has been a great relief to keep in touch with them and offer support during the reunification process. We are always thrilled to hear news from them on how the youths are happily adjusting and reconnecting with their family and loved ones.  

Our Impact What We Do

The disappearance of six-year-old Tania Murrell from Edmonton, Alberta, in 1983 was one of the first high profile cases of a missing child in Canada. The search for Tania received national media attention and inspired the first non-profit agencies to open their doors to help missing children and their families. These agencies focused primarily on public awareness and prevention programs. Search support was limited to basic poster distribution.

Seeking to take a more active role, the Founder of the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) obtained training and licensing in conducting investigations in 1985. She founded MCSC in 1986 subsequently developing a comprehensive investigative program staffed with former police officers who could assist both police and parents in the active and ongoing search for missing children.

In 2010, the MCSC Board of Directors completed a full organizational assessment confirming that MCSC continued to be uniquely positioned to provide investigation support. Additionally, they recognized that by working on cases for over 23 years, two critical factors affected every case of a missing child: Time & Anonymity. MCSC determined that addressing these factors would have a significant impact on successfully locating and safely returning children.

Our Mission

To return missing children to a safe haven through professional investigations, emergency response, public awareness and family support programs.

Our Vision

All missing children returned to a safe haven and the elimination of child abduction in Canada.

Our Results (2014-15):

  • Our investigators worked on a total of 190 registered files, closing 132 of them. 

  • In the last year we were able to engage tens of thousands of Canadians in the search by highlighting over 600 vulnerable missing youth.

  • In September 2014, our CEO Amanda Pick was recognized as one of “Canada’s Top 12 Innovators at Work” by the Globe and Mail for her efforts to lead the development of Milk Carton 2.0™.

  • We've partnered with police across the country and are honoured to report that while endorsed federally, our program is being implementened in major metropolitan police forces such as the Toronto Police Service.

Our Programs How We Do It

Professional Investigations

MCSC’s specialized investigators offer the full range of support services involved in investigating a missing child case, from date of disappearance to the reunification process. MCSC investigators work with municipal, provincial, national and international law enforcement agencies to support and advance investigative efforts.  Learn More

Search Program

A rapid response network with the ability to immediately locate a missing or abducted child using technology to engage and connect in real-time. Our one of a kind Search Program engages three distinct channels: the media, individual Canadians and corporate Canada. The World’s Most Valuable Network™, dubbed ‘Milk Carton 2.0™' harnesses the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, BBM Channels to target regions; CodeSearch™ a smartphone app, utilizes geo-targeted push notifications to engage corporate partners and their employees in the area where a child went missing or is believed to be; and through our partner MarketWired alerts are pushed to every media outlet in the country. Together this program enables us to reach millions of Canadians instantly. Learn More

Family Support Program

Recognizing that no family should have to deal with the trauma of a missing child alone, MCSC’s commitment to our searching families extends beyond emergency response and investigative support. MCSC offers families individualized support to enable them to cope with the stress of a missing child; both during the investigation as well as after reunification. By connecting families to local community resources and collaborating with partnering agencies, MCSC provides families with, and extends, their essential support network.  Learn More

Our Requests What You Can Do

Make a Donation

We rely on the generous support of donors like you. Without your financial contributions, our investigators wouldn’t be able to close one registered file every 2-3 days. Make a donation and help us to continue to provide our services to searching families.

Whether you want to make a one-time donation or join our monthly giving program, your support is essential to helping us reunite families. Every dollar makes a difference.

Join the Online Search Party

Donate your social feed and help locate a missing child by participating in the Most Valuable Network™.

Help Spread the Word

We release national, time-sensitive information about missing children to our Facebook and Twitter followers. Please follow us and share and retweet our posts to help spread the word.

Get Your Company Involved

CodeSearch™ is a rapid response program that engages corporate Canada in partnership with MCSC and law enforcement in the search for missing children. Learn more about the program and how your company can get involved.


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