Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

We are the nation’s leading not-for-profit, private land conservation organization, working to protect our most important natural areas and the species they sustain and creatively secures these areas through their purchase, donation or other mechanisms.

Our Story Why We Exist

So why do I volunteer for the Nature Conservancy of Canada?

Volunteering is my way of expressing my gratitude to nature for all that she has given and shared with me. As a child, nature’s abundant beauty inspired me. Whether it was testing a puddle to see if my rubber boots were tall enough to cross … or being mesmerized by the cloud transformations from a rabbit to an elephant to a castle to a princess … or discovering a cocoon and learning about the fuzzy caterpillar’s transformation into a beautiful moth or butterfly … or tasting the sweet nectar of fresh-picked wild strawberries, raspberries and Saskatoon berries … or providing the best hiding places when my mother had a long chore list … nature never failed to entertain, capturing my heart and infusing my imagination with wondrous ideas and joy filled experiences. Soul enriching memories that as an adult I had forgotten about, that is, until I became involved in NCC’s volunteer program.

As an adult, I continue to wonder at the beauty of the umbers and violet hues cascading throughout her sunrises and sunsets. The walks down her numerous pathways continue to fill my soul with peace, love, hope, health, and happiness. The joyful surprise I feel while exploring and learning about something new, like when I discovered what at first appeared to be a willow branch was in fact, a baby Black Crowned Night Heron. The inspiration I feel each time I am awakened by the call of the Common Loon … or the excitement of hearing the thunder of wile horse hoofs … or the awe at viewing a multi-tiered beaver dam … or the thrills and chills that run up and down one’s spine while listening to the call of a lone wolf. I am grateful to NCC for providing the opportunity and to nature for challenging me to face and conquer my fears like when I stood with weak knees between the dens of two Rattle Snakes. Nature is still my muse, my teacher and it is with heartfelt respect that I honor and treasure her gifts. 

So it is with respect for nature and gratitude to NCC for providing numerous and diverse opportunities for me to say, “Thank you to all, for all that I have and have yet to receive.”

Denise Harris; March 2013

Our Impact What We Do


The Nature Conservancy of Canada will lead, innovate and use creativity in the conservation of Canada's natural heritage. --- We will secure important natural areas through their purchase, donation or other mechanisms, and then manage these properties for the long term.

History of Organization:

In the early 1960s a plucky band of naturalists based in Ontario had a bold idea. Stung by the damage to the natural world they saw all around them, they launched a program to take direct, private action to protect natural spaces and promote conservation. At the time it was an audacious plan. It was also the birth of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Over 50 years later, NCC and its partners have conserved over 2.6 million (1 million hectares) of land from coast to coast.

By investing in conservation NCC is working to ensure that our natural world remains a home for wildlife, a haven for recreation and a vital resource that cleans the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Through strong partnerships NCC works to safeguard our natural areas so that our children and grandchildren will have the chance to enjoy them.

Natural Legacy Through Partnership: NCC works with individuals, corporation, foundations, governments and communities to achieve tangible results – results you can walk on.

Conservation For Nature - For Now, Forever: Once NCC secures a property (through donation, purchase or conservation easement), NCC is committed to the long-term care of the land. This ensures the natural areas we love will be here for future generations to enjoy.

NCC’s Science Based Approach to Conservation: NCC works mostly in southern Canada, where the majority of the Canadian population lives, works, plays, and competes for space with more than 80 per cent of our at risk species. It is here where the threats to nature and opportunity for conservation are the greatest.

NCC Works Where You Live: With more than 200 staff, working in 7 regions and in every province, NCC brings a national perspective to conservation while working locally.

NCC Is Well Managed: For four years in a row, Moneysense magazine has ranked NCC as the top environmental charity and one of the most efficient and responsible charities in Canada. 85 percent of NCC’s resources go into the ground with overhead cost being kept to a five-year average of 15 percent.

Our Programs How We Do It

Conservation Internship: NCC has a long history of providing practical, career-based training for the advancement of college and university students in the field of conservation and environmental studies. In the past decade alone, NCC has supported more than 350 internships in all 10 provinces, helping NCC to achieve its science and stewardship goals. Equally important, NCC staff mentor the young Canadians who will become tomorrow's conservation leaders.

To learn more about NCC's Conservation Internship program, or to apply for an internship with NCC, please click here.

Leaders in Conservation: The Leaders in Conservation (LIC) program provides unique opportunities and benefits to individuals who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more in support of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s work. Their ongoing commitment provides the foundation of our work to preserve Canada’s great places. And since our Leaders provide undesignated gifts, we’re able to use these funds where they are needed most urgently.

LICs have the benefit of personally experiencing the spectacular landscapes and wildlife in their area through trips and tours and participating in presentations and events that will help them learn more about our work, while meeting like-minded people. To learn more about the LIC progam, please visit:

NCC volunteer pictured overlooking the view of the Rocky MountainsOur Requests What You Can Do

Conservation Volunteers: The Conservation Volunteers program began in 2001 and engages Canadians of all ages in the protection of our country's species and natural habitats. It provides a meaningful, hands-on educational experience in ecologically significant natural areas. Our events are carefully designed to make sure your volunteer time is directed to important conservation activities.  

NCC’s projects offer a rewarding and informative experience.

By volunteering your time, you help us accomplish our on-the-ground land management and restoration goals. By volunteering with NCC you can:

  • Explore unique habitats
  • Observe rare species; and
  • Learn from knowledgeable professionals while contributing to important conservation work.

To see upcoming volunteer events in your area, visit:

ALBERTA: Conservation Volunteers: Keeping bears in mind (July 25, 2014): 

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is working to reduce human-bear interactions at the Waterton Park Front in Alberta. On May 29, 2014 a group of 20 NCC Conservation Volunteers came out to the Jenkins property in this area to demolish a bear attractant, an old grain bin, piece by piece. After tearing, hammering, shoveling and breaking the structure, the group managed to leave nothing but a shell of the original building.

Volunteers also worked hard to clear out the grain. A new bear-proof metal bin will replace the old wooden bin; a disappointment for the bears, but a definite win for the Jenkins family in their efforts to reduce the number of human-bear interactions in the area.

To see these NCC volunteers in action, watch:

To learn more about projects like this visit: