Seniors for Kids Society (SKS)

That seniors and children in every community build special friendships by respecting and supporting one another.

Our Story Why We Exist

Betty & Dale live alone and their grandchildren live far away in another province. Visits are extra special times but not as frequent. So they volunteer as mentors or “school grandparents” every week which has become their special outing for the week. Matthew and Clarissa are young students who do not have their extended family members living close by. They had very little interaction with older people. These two generations came together meeting at school on a weekly basis. Special friendships unlike no other developed extending to the family. Every week during school hours throughout the school year, these groups met for one hour to do something that was special to them. Time spent may be visiting, playing cribbage, building bird houses, gardening, crafts, reading books or whatever they decide on. That time is unique and timeless.

Seniors go home with a good feeling of giving of themselves with a sense of wellness and energized. Students are back to class refreshed then home excited to tell about their day with their special older friends.

Our Impact What We Do

Since 1996, Intergenerational relationships have been established which gives seniors the opportunity to volunteer with younger people allowing shared wisdom, life experiences, talents, skills while avoiding isolation. Seniors have a desire to encourage young people to reach their full potential. Young people develop a sense of who seniors are by participating in activities leading to positive lifelong skills and memories. Communities are enhanced where everyone benefits: seniors, youth, and families. 

Our Programs How We Do It

Seniors for Kids Society promotes intergenerational relationships. Program delivery occurs within schools, senior centers, Bethany Care Centers, senior lodges or other public gathering places. All groups meet on a weekly basis following the school year. On a selected day of the week time spent with students may vary from one to three hours per week. Volunteering time is very flexible throughout the year. Seniors 55+ are encouraged to participate.


Lynn Noble
Program Coordinator

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 30,000