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Empowering men to recover for life. Simon House Recovery Centre is a long term program that teaches men compassion, patience, tolerance, and understanding. It provides men with a safe and responsible place to recover from addiction.

Our Story Why We Exist

Simon House Recovery Centre helps men do so much more than recover from addiction. Most men that come here are homeless and have lost everything including all hope. During recovery they get their families back, they begin to work again and they become tax paying citizens. They are given the tools needed to deal with life's ups and downs and become outstanding citizens within their community.

Our Impact What We Do

Simon House Recovery Centre has been helping men recover from addiction since 1983. Our core values of loving, kindness, compassion, empathy, patience, tolerance, equanimity, and understanding enable Simon House to provide a successful program of recovery. Turning men into productive members of society.

Our Programs How We Do It

In phase one of our treatment program, we combine the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with cognitive behavioral therapy. We teach life skills, job preparation skills, digital and financial literacy, improve individual capacity advocate for oneself and build emotional sobriety.

Phase two of our program provides a safe supportive environment for clients to re-enter the workforce, strengthen family and community support systems, and implement the tools they have gained through phase one to maintain sobriety.

Phase three of our program provides transitional housing which allows the clients to prepare and plan for a successful move into the community. They are provided with the tools and the time needed to save for permanent housing, and begin to make restitution for harms done during their active addiction.

Phase four involves mentoring and supporting those in the house, who are new in recovery. As members of our Alumni Association, the men in phase four provide opportunities for social activities for the new clients, and are active in the twelve step community. At this point of their recovery, the clients are contributing members of society, and are fully-supporting.

Our Requests What You Can Do

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Executive Director / CEO
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