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Lives Well Lived! We support persons with disabilities to have a safe home, good health and a meaningful job.

Persons with disabilities are valued and integral members of society.Our Story Why We Exist

“My high school teachers told me that they thought I would be dead by now.”

Addicted to drugs, in and out of the hospital with suicide attempts and run-ins with gangs – Derek came to Vecova to change his life. With Vecova’s support, Derek has learned how to build healthy relationships and enjoy his life. Today he lives with a supportive roommate, has a job he loves and is often seen encouraging his peers to overcome the challenges they face in their daily lives. 

Having the courage to make change requires a serious commitment to doing things differently and then taking it step by step. At Vecova we serve people each step of their way. Link to Derek’s Video

“I used to be really angry. Erin and Carrie (Derek’s support team) have been there through hard times, good times, sad times, they always stuck by me like my family. I really appreciate the help they give me.”  - Derek  

As you explore more about Vecova you will see how with your support: the right support - at the right time - in the right place - we can achieve more than could have been imagined.

Having the courage to make transformative change requires a serious commitment to doing things differently and then taking it step by step.Our Impact What We Do

We see people first.

We do disability services and research and run four social enterprises so persons with disabilities can work with Vecova to achieve their goals, aspirations and needs.

Our disability services offer persons with disabilities the opportunity to secure a safe home, a meaningful job as well as support for their health and wellbeing.

Our research takes a broader look at key social issues and works with nonprofit organizations, government and community partners to turn knowledge into action. Our four social enterprises create jobs for persons with disabilities while demonstrating that inclusion works.  

  • Our vision | We exist to create a society where persons with disabilities are valued and integral members.
  • Our mission | Building the capacity of persons with disabilities and enriching communities through leadership, innovation and collaboration.

Our accomplishments | We are the only organization in western Canada that unites disability services, research and enterprise. Recognized as a leader in the community since 1969 and an affiliate institute of the University of Calgary, we are dedicated to working with our community to better understand how to best serve the needs of the persons with disabilities.


ANNUAL IMPACT: 2014  We tailor plans and support to help individuals navigate their journey based on their unique abilities and needs. We provide employment and enterprise services, as well as living support and wellness services. 

  • Supported 185 persons with disabilities.
  • 92 Individuals assisted in finding meaningful employment in 121 positions.
  • Provided safe, affordable and accessible living in supportive communities for 92 clients.
  • 118 people given the opportunity to be physically, mentally and socially active in their community and at our Recreation Centre.

Wellness Services: 

  • 1,367 hours of individual counselling were provided to clients.
  • 215,312 Participants visited our programs, services and facilities.
  • Provided 162 professional support groups and programs to clients.
  • Increased Recreation Centre programming for seniors and those with chronic health & mobility issues.

Customized services and supports for the unique and changing lifestyles of persons with disabilities.Our Programs How We Do It

“They treated my son with dignity and respect. He’s a typical little boy that needs a little help… he’s not treated like he’s the boy with autism, he’s Joe!” Carmen needs to know her son will be supported and challenged to explore his abilities and skills as he grows into the man he will become. Will he be able to have a home? Will he one day have a job? How will he care for his health – Will he be included?

Today 1 in 7 Albertans have a disability and next year 16000+ Albertans will acquire a disability – that is enough people to fill the Calgary Saddledome. Vecova invests in the shared wellbeing of all Albertans through our services.  

A Safe Home – Living Support Services

All persons with disabilities should have a home that is: safe, secure, accessible and affordable. We support people in finding a home and current models include staffed overnight residences, support homes, respite, and supported independent living.,

A Meaningful Job – Enterprise and Employment Services    

Writing a resume, getting an interview or learning the job. We support persons with disabilities through each step of their employment. Employers are matched with hard working, dedicated employees and then are supported to build a successful team through diversity and inclusion strategies.  

Good Health – Wellness Services

Good health requires physical, mental and social wellbeing. At Vecova the people we serve are supported in their education, volunteer, leisure and recreation. We also provide psychological and social work supports including consultation, individual counselling, educational and peer support groups and staff training and resources.

Lives well lived.Our Requests What You Can Do

One of the easiest ways to improve the life of a person with a disability is to include them. We need your help to support people like Derek, Carmen and Joe to live full lives as part of your community. 

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