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Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association (BOBHA)

Because no one’s grandparents deserve to spend their ‘golden’ years living on the streets.

Our Impact

What We Do

Affordable Housing:  With the opening of Columbus Place BOBHA moved away from exclusively serving seniors and welcomed vulnerable families recognizing the breadth of needs in Calgary. We now serve a diverse mix of tenants at Columbus Place contributing to the strength and vibrancy of our community. BOBHA houses three broad communities; ‘seniors’, ‘working poor’ and ‘vulnerable’ recognizing that many tenants fit into multiple categories and that there are those in need of housing may not fit any category well. The average household income is $22,510 at Columbus Place and Principal Tenants range in age from 21 to 93 and there are three families with children under the age of 18.

Low Income Seniors:  In 2016 we served 474 seniors over the age of 65 and 31 singles under the age of 65 and housed 50 new households in our seven buildings.

In Calgary there are currently 3,222 homeless individuals and 15,600 households in extreme housing need. Greater affordable housing capacity is needed to provide housing both to individuals who are currently homeless and to help those in extreme housing need.

Since its inception in 1975, BOBHA has been providing affordable housing to those seniors most in need throughout the city of Calgary. BOBHA recognizes that the need for affordable housing stretches across our community and that seniors, those who are working full-time and those on social assistance can all struggle to pay market rents. In 2014, BOBHA opened Columbus Place in Bridgeland and opened its doors to low-income families, seniors and others in need of affordable housing. Fostering an inter-generational community wherein low-income seniors live next to families and vulnerable individuals promotes a strong and diverse community for our tenants.


Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association is a proud Partner in the RESOLVE Campaign

Making Calgary a better home for everyone.

Our Programs

How We Do It

BOBHA partners with community groups to promote social connections and access to community resources amongst our tenant.

Here at BOBHA we recognize that no matter which community you live in, it is our responsibility to provide excellent housing and support to those in need of those services.

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide and operate non-profit residential accommodation and incidental facilities exclusively for senior citizens primarily of low or modest income and for persons of low income in the greater Calgary area.
  • Provide the necessary supports to relieve isolation and loneliness and to assist tenants to live independently in a healthy and safe environment.

Our Vision is to:

  • Develop and construct more housing for our senior citizens that are in the greatest need, as we endeavor to provide the tools necessary for our tenants to have a positive aging experience. We shall continue to assess the changing needs of our clientele and of our society. The Association shall attempt to be creative in their solutions to meet the increasing needs of our younger, handicapped citizens, the increasing numbers of our senior population, and the increasing frailty of our very elderly seniors.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

1.Fundraise or donate:

Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association is a proud member of the RESOLVE Campaign. RESOLVE is a partnership of nine established, experienced and respected Calgary social service agencies that have come together along with government with a single one-time goal: Raise $120 Million to build affordable rental housing for 3,000 vulnerable and homeless Calgarians.

BOBHA has two RESOLVE goals:

  1. Construct a new 100 Unit apartment complex that will provide affordable housing to a mix of adults, seniors and small families including those who are working, exiting homelessness and living on assistance and pension.
  2. Pay down the mortgage at Columbus Place which will allow rents to be made truly affordable to tenants.

2. Volunteer: If you have an outgoing and friendly personality, enjoy interacting with seniors and vulnerable adults and have an idea or program you would like to initiate, you might enjoy volunteering with BOBHA.

Please contact our Director of Resident Services for more information on volunteering or if you would like to donate to the RESOLVE campaign.

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