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Calgary HandiBus Foundation

We are passionate about ensuring Calgarians with disabilities always have access to safe, caring and respectful transportation. We believe transportation improves access, independence, and inclusion, and strengthens our community for all Calgarians.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Sarah has Down Syndrome. She loves to volunteer and enjoys working with many organizations throughout the city. She also attends many art classes, sporting activities and social groups. Sarah takes a HandiBus multiple times each day to attend her many activities and HandiBus assists Sarah to be an independent and active participant in city life.

Wyatt has been in a wheelchair since he was injured in an accident as a child. He works downtown, and cannot take regular city transit due to the heavy rush hour crowds and having no bus stop near his house. Every day Wyatt takes a HandiBus to and from work. He credits HandiBus with allowing him to have the job he wants and not be limited by his disability. 

Jason has faced many challenges in his short life. He is confined to a wheelchair, has cognitive disabilities, is blind and non-verbal. Jason has a full time care giver to help him navigate his days. A HandiBus takes Jason and his caregiver to day programs and to medical appointments. Jason’s parents see HandiBus as being essential to their son accessing supports for his social and physical wellbeing.

At Calgary HandiBus we believe in making a difference in the lives of people like Sarah, Wyatt and Jason, and the over 15,000 registered Access Calgary users. Transportation and access are central to creating an inclusive community and we strive to provide a safe, caring and dignified way for all Calgarians to participate in our great city. People who use accessible transportation have a variety of specialized needs, from physical impairments to cognitive disabilities, seniors and people experiencing illnesses. These people rely on accessible transportation to take them where they need to go to live full, independent and inclusive lives, and HandiBus is here to ensure there are always buses on the road.

Our Impact

What We Do

Calgary HandiBus is passionate about ensuring Calgarians with special needs can participate in and contribute to our city, and believe that transportation is a key factor in achieving this.

HandiBus vehicles provide transportation to people with a range of physical and cognitive disabilities, and seniors, who are unable to use regular public transportation with safety and dignity. Without accessible transportation, many of these individuals would be unable to attend appointments, get to work or school, to volunteering opportunities or out into the community. Accessible transportation ensures that all Calgarians, regardless of ability, are able to be full participants in our great city, and HandiBus is here to ensure this vital service is available for all who need it.

Our Programs

How We Do It

We provide a voice in promoting safe, caring, and high quality specialized transportation for persons with disabilities. We raise funds to purchase highly specialized buses for our partner organizations that provide transportation to the disabled community. We work closely with Calgary Transit and other not-for-profit organizations to ensure that there are always vehicles on the road providing trips for Calgarians with special transportation needs.

Every year we purchase approximately 10 new buses at a cost of $90,000 each which are used to provide accessible transportation in Calgary. These buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts, special safety equipment, navigation systems and cameras to ensure clients are safe and comfortable.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

Bus Capital Donations

This year we need to replace 10 buses and have a goal of $1.2 million to make this happen. Each and every donation towards bus purchases, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal and ensuring better accessible transportation in our city. When you support HandiBus you can see your donation at work every time you see a HandiBus on the road around our city!

Have you seen a HandiBus with a name or company logo on the side? Each of those generous donors has sponsored a bus. You can too! Donations of full, half and quarter buses are recognized with your name or chosen message on the side of a HandiBus and it will stay there for the lifetime of the vehicle.

  • Full Bus Donation – $90,000
  • Half Bus Donation – $45,000
  • Quarter Bus Donation – $ 22,500

Donations can be made in installments, through gifts of stock, and through estates and planned giving. Contact us today to see your name on a bus to show all of Calgary that you care about making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.


Marni Halwas

Calgary HandiBus Foundation


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