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Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society

A place “Where Everyone Can Play”

Our Story

Why We Exist

“As one of the original patrons of  Calgary Rotary Challenger Park (CRCP), I have experienced and been witness to the many changes the Park has gone through and continues to do so to meet funding demands, restraints, and the needs of the community at large.

Since the beginning, the CRCP has been a unique concept of athletic fields, a vast recreational area, a specialized playground, tennis and basketball courts, baseball and softball diamonds, dressing, locker and shower rooms, cricket pitch, a football and soccer field, track and field, visitor’s centre, picnic areas, and other amenities, all constructed to ensure that all citizens regardless of age or ability have equal access to education, recreation, sport and play.

But the Park is more than all of the physical aspects it provides, it is a model of community inclusiveness. From inception this Park has been built with the idea that it is inclusive so people with disabilities and the community at large can participate and experience recreation and sport and all it has to offer with friends, family and community members in a barrier-free environment.”   – Story by Cal Schuler:

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park (“CRCP” or the “Park’) is a unique concept of multi-purpose area constructed on 23+ acres of land donated by the Calgary Airport Authority to ensure that all citizens have equal access to recreation, sport and play. The idea of CRCP was conceived in 1997/98 by the caring and community focused Rotary Clubs of Calgary/Airdrie, the City of Calgary and the Calgary Airport Authority.

From inception the Park was built with the idea that it is inclusive so people with disabilities and seniors can participate and experience recreation and sport and all it has to offer with friends, family and community members in a barrier free environment.  This is illustrated by a story of one of our longest standing park patron’s (see above).

Our Impact

What We Do

The Park provides:  Accessible sport and recreational facilities for all and is recognized as the best barrier-free sport and recreational facility.

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is a barrier free meeting and recreational facility that is accessible to all people regardless of their age or ability.  But it is more than that!

The Park is a model of community inclusiveness where persons with disabilities can play next to and with their able-bodied peers. We welcome individuals and organizations to run their programs at Calgary Rotary Challenger Park. Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is the result of a partnership of individuals and organizations representing more than 100,000 people in the community. Through this ongoing combined effort, the Park has become and will remain a thriving success for Calgary.

The Park:  Includes 2 ball diamonds, a football/soccer field, a 400m running track, a field events area, a barrier free playground, tennis and basketball courts.

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park – 2016 Results:

  1. Facility Utilization – 95,680 visits to the park – up 10% (86, 725 in 2015; 75,039 in 2014)
  2. Financial Sustainability – 11th consecutive year we achieved a surplus budget.
  3. Community Involvement – Over 50 organizations continue to utilize the park for their programs, special events and leagues.


Our Programs

How We Do It

“The Everyone Can Play Fund” subsidy program launched in January 2007 is now providing even more support. This program is specifically designed for organizations who serve people with disabilities and/or those who are economically disadvantaged. We’re happy to offer support to your group’s rental and transportation costs. The Calgary Foundation, through its’ Community Grants Program, has provided financial support to assist with this component http://www.challengerpark.com/clients-view/everyone-can-play-fund-subsidy/


Our Requests

What You Can Do

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park’s vision is to be recognized as a leader in developing and operating more accessible and affordable facilities. As a follow up to the current park’s facilities we are now moving to develop a state-of-the-art Centre that uniquely serves the nonprofit sector in the greater Calgary area while utilizing the best barrier-free sport and recreation facility. This project is called the Centre For All Abilities.

The Centre for All Abilities (CAA) at Calgary Rotary Challenger Park is set to be located at 48th Avenue and 36th Street N.E., virtually in the centre of the northeast quadrant of Calgary. The Park was created from the vision of Rotarians in Calgary and Airdrie to provide a barrier-free sports facility for all Calgarians, but especially those with disabilities.  The Centre is intended to be an expansion of this vision.

The Park has hosted over 500,000 visits from over 80 different organizations over the last 10 years! 

  • The next step is where the magic will happen – by bringing together a diverse group of nonprofit organizations, under one roof.

These nonprofit organizations will continue to serve their distinct communities and stakeholders, but will have the opportunity to cost-share,  collaborate and develop synergistic opportunities to aid these organizations in becoming more efficient and effective in their operations. These organizations will also enjoy a significant reduction in rent (of at least 40% off current market value in the NE quadrant of Calgary). On top of those benefits, there will be the free parking for clients, guests and staff and long-term leases that will provide a significant level of stability and certainty.

Here is a chance to JOIN our team in bring this new Centre to the nonprofit sector in Calgary.  If you are interested in learning more about the Centre or contributing to the Centre’s development please click on the following website to learn more about this exciting project: www.allabilitiescentre.com


Anar Dharshi

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society


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