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We engage children, youth, adults and families in experientially based opportunities and community participation to learn and develop skills that foster resilience. We are a community committed to enhancing the quality of family life in Alberta.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Since 1976, Enviros has been offering innovative, family orientated programming to Alberta’s most vulnerable children, youth, adults and families. Enviros has grown to become one of the region’s most flexible and adaptive agencies. The daily focus, for the majority of our staff at Enviros, is surrounded with trauma, addictions, abuse and neglect. The unfortunate reality is that children, youth and families exposure to negative influences and behaviours have terrible consequences. Enviros currently operates 15 programs to address these consequences. The ultimate goal and focus of all our programs is to strengthen individuals, families and communities.

SHUNDA changed the way I look at life and opened my eyes to the potential I never knew I had.” [Enviros Client] “The highlight of being at PASSAGES is the outings, going to wilderness settings, and being in nature.” [Enviros Client]

Enviros’ strong connection to nature based work has been a strength in the lives of the clients we serve. “Nature introduces children to the idea – to the knowing – that they are not alone in this world, and that realities and dimensions exist alongside their own.”* Accessing wilderness settings in the Calgary area, as well as wilderness areas in the mountains, continues to be an effective tool and a trademark of the work that Enviros does.*

*Louv, Richard. Last Child in the Woods Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, 2008.





Our Impact

What We Do

Enviros offers a range of therapeutic programs to keep families safe and strong, help children, youth and adults with addiction, mental health or other challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential.  Each Enviros experience is intentionally designed for an individual or family as the best vehicle for learning a particular skill, lesson or truth moving people from vulnerability to empowerment.

“Living clean and sober gives me a clearer mindset to look at things and to deal with things and I want to do better for myself and set a good example for my younger sister.” [Enviros Client]

OUR MISSION | Enviros is a community committed to enhancing the quality of family life in Alberta.  We engage children, youth, adults and families in experientially based opportunities and community participation to learn and develop skills that foster resilience.

OUR VISION | Enhance the lives of children, youth, adults and their families through excellence in evidence-based practice and the application of innovative experiential learning.

Adventure Therapy sets Enviros apart from other social service agencies within our community.  We are experts in the Adventure Therapy scene and our staff have seen many positive outcomes by using this effective tool.  There is a strong body of research that shows contact with nature can, among other things, reduce stress and anxiety, improve self-confidence and self-discipline, and build a stronger sense of belonging – all of which are essential to personal growth and emotional healing. 

Enviros strives to support learning and developing skills that foster independance by:

  • Ensuring children, youth, adults and families are safe and healthy
  • Assisting children, youth, adults and families as they build on their strengths and successes
  • Enabling children, youth, adults and families as they become increasingly independent
  • Continuously improving on outcomes.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Enviros programs offer a broad spectrum of services that provide support for the following:

  • Addiction and Mental Health Issues
  • Emotional/Behavioral Issues
  • Community Connections andCommunity Reintegration
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
  • Developmental Issues
  • Child/Youth/Adult Stabilization
  • Family Support/Reunification
  • Youth Justice Support

Enviros is intentional about where we are going when it comes to the services we provide our clients. Individualized plans with our clients focus on three key areas:

1) Environment: Enviros uses a variety of environmental settings that support motivation and change. We apply this to all our work, whether it’s with climbing ropes in the playground, hiking or paddling in the wilderness or tending community gardens at group homes.

2) Relationships: Our professionals have the expertise, experience, commitment and knowledge to know how to get the right result -building a unique level of respect, trust and understanding that is highly constructive to success.

3) Empowerment: People are more committed to making change when they help set goals and are part of the solution. At Enviros, we don’t tell people how to change; we show them how to create the change they desire.

Enviros 15 programs fall under 3 umbrellas:

1) Health Services

​2) Justice

3) Child/Adult/Family Intervention Services



Our Requests

What You Can Do

DONATE: Your support enables Enviros to enhance the quality of family life right here in Alberta. Enviros is grateful to those within our community who financially support the work we do. Donate today!

PARTICIPATE: Register as a solo racer or as a team in Proving Grounds – Enviros Signature Fundraising Event. This 3 stage race will challenge your body, heart, and will. Prove yourself, register today!

VOLUNTEER: Donate your time at Proving Grounds – Enviros Signature Fundraising Event. Interested in participating from the sidelines on race day? Sign up as volunteer!

WORK: Do more of what makes you happy. Enviros opens minds as well as doors, promoting social responsibility through personal action, interaction and accountability. Join the team!

FOSTER PARENT:  As a foster parent, you will be providing a substitute family life experience for a child. It is an opportunity to be involved in the life of a child who needs special care. Please contact us for more information at:

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