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Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta Society

We address the need for affordable housing in Alberta and we do that with the help of community partners and thousands of dedicated volunteers each year. We’ve built in 36 different communities across Southern Alberta.

Our Story

Why We Exist

“Life is the most amazing book that we write every day and the chapters already in it provide the strength to write the ones to come.

We have been together since the day we came to Canada, about 13 years ago. Since then we have been a team; we have nobody else but us. We created a beautiful family of five; two immigrant parents, one energetic boy, one creative girl and a stinky dog. It has been, without a doubt, the most crazy and exciting roller coaster.

We have faced many challenges as a family; medical conditions, financial hardship, loneliness, cultural challenges, language barriers and more, but not everything has been bad. We have had our ups too and we have learned to appreciate life and family. We try to teach our kids that they don’t have to wait a week to be Saturday, or a year to have Christmas, or a lifetime to be happy. Life is now, today; tomorrow is a gift!

We try to teach our kids the importance of being active members of our community. We feel grateful to live in a country like Canada and we feel the need to give back in return. We first heard about Habitat at a small community event we were volunteering at and after further research we decided to apply. We cannot express the feeling inside us when we were accepted as partners.

Habitat for Humanity is giving us the chance to achieve a dream we never thought possible. They are letting us write a chapter that is going to change the history of our family. They are helping us to have a place to call home.

Home has been many places for us over the years but thanks to Habitat for Humanity, home is finally going to be the same walls, door and ground forever!”

Yair and Diana – Habitat Family

Our Impact

What We Do

There is much talk about the need for affordable housing in Alberta. Right now, more than 75,000 families in our province are in need of a safe place to live. At Habitat for Humanity, we’re working to address that need, and we do that with the help of community partners and thousands of dedicated volunteers each year.

In the past 25 years, we’ve built in 36 different communities across Southern Alberta, changing the lives of more than 250 families. But we’re not stopping there. Right now we’re building 24 homes in Pineridge, 14 homes in Redstone, six homes in Ravenswood, two homes in High River, and always planning for future builds in the coming years.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Our homeownership model empowers families by providing a hand-up, not a hand-out. Each family complete 500 hours of sweat equity hours before moving into their homes and their mortgage payments are put into our “Fund for Humanity,” where monthly payments are used to build another home, so each family is creating a lasting legacy for another family.

We build these homes with donations of funds, land, materials and labour, and thousands of volunteer hours each year. We have many donation and sponsorship opportunities available for the communitiy to invest in our projects, and our volunteer programs make it quick and easy for individuals, community groups and corporate groups to find a tangible way to give back to their communities.

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Our Requests

What You Can Do

Make a Donation   Your donation helps families break the cycle of poverty and build long-term financial stability. With access to safe, affordable homes, they’ll never have to choose between food and heat, or rent and childcare – decisions no family should ever have to make. Your donation empowers families to build equity and renewed sense of confidence and pride.

Right now, we’re fundraising for multiple projects in Southern Alberta and you can choose the project you’d like to direct your funds toward, or simply ask to direct it to where it’s needed most.

Current Projects:

  • 24 homes in Pineridge, Calgary
  • 6 homes in Ravenswood, Airdrie
  • 4 homes in Olds, Mountain View County

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Give Your Time   
Each year, thousands of volunteers give their time and talent to change the lives of families in Southern Alberta. Join the ranks of Habitat for Humanity’s volunteers and make a tangible difference right here, right now.

  • Construction: Spend a day building homes for families in need. No construction experience needed, just enthusiasm! Our staff and Crew Leaders will teach you everything you need to know.
  • ReStore: Use your creativity to create appealing displays and keep the ReStore fresh and inviting. Individual and group opportunities available every day of the week!
  • Special Events: If swinging a hammer isn’t your style, you can get involved by participating in trade shows, as well as community and fundraising events.

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