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We provide effective gender-specific addiction treatment for adults.1835 House provides Residential and Day Program treatment and has helped more than 13,000 men over four decades. CARE (Co-occurring Addiction Recovery Essentials) for Women is an intensive, clinical outpatient program designed to meet a significant service gap in Calgary that launched September 2016.

Our Story

Why We Exist

We are proud to share the following story from a member of our alumni:                                         

I began drinking in the seventh grade. My drinking increased through high school. When I went to work in the oil patch at the age of 18, drinking and drug taking became a way of life. I was married at age 20 and my addictions began to have consequences; trouble with my wife, parents, friends and the law. To all of this I was oblivious. By the time I was 39 I had lost two wives and two sets of children, all of my friends, my home, my job, and I was bankrupt.

Facing life on the street, I reached out for help, but no matter what I did or what others did to help me, I could not stay clean and sober. After detoxing 11 times in 14 months I was referred to Recovery Acres. I cannot say enough about this program and what it did for me. The counselors helped me understand my alcoholism and addictions; they walked me through the 12 steps of AA, they taught me to live and stay clean and sober. While at Recovery Acres I learned what needed to be changed in me in order to go out into the world and become successful in every area of my life. I was also introduced to a spiritual understanding which was instrumental in my recovery.

While in Recovery Acres Residential Treatment Program I began studies that would prepare me for a change in career. When I completed the program I began a career as a Financial Advisor and now 24 years later I own a successful business which has given me a fantastic life, a beautiful home, travel and all the perks that one associates with success. I am also a competitive triathlete and Ironman which brings me great joy and happiness. None of this would have been possible without the help and support of Recovery Acres and their counselors. My relationship with Recovery Acres is ongoing and I still drop by once a week for lunch. Had I sat down on the first day in treatment and dreamed about how good life would be I would have never have imagined how things have turned out.


Recovery Acres is a registered charity that operates a fully accredited addiction treatment center. We have helped over 13,000 people over more than 40 years through our men’s treatment center, 1835 House. For decades women have seen the positive impact 1835 House has had on the men in their lives and have asked for a program of their own. In September 2016 Recovery Acres responded by opening CARE (Co-occurring Addiction Recovery Essentials) for Women, an intensive, clinical outpatient program.

Recovery Acres provides gender-specific addiction treatment for adults. Specialized psychological treatment to address co-occurring mental health challenges is available.

Rick D.


Our Impact

What We Do

Our recovery centre is situated in a quiet, residential area of southwest Calgary. We treat approximately 300 men per year and expect to treat 250 women annually in our new CARE (co-occurring Addiction Recovery Essentials) for Women program.

1835 House provides daily living and meeting space for 28 residents, in addition to men’s day-program clients, counsellors and staff. We also operate men’s transitional housing at two nearby locations where working clients are able to stay and continue to access group-living support as they make the transition from treatment to more independent living. At any given time, we have 12 clients in our transition housing.

The CARE for Women facility is in a separate location. It has capacity for 10 intensive day program participants, and offers an in-house child-minding service. Ongoing relapse prevention includes approximately 30 women.


Recovery Acres is proud to be accredited in Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum program since 2011. Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits health care and social services organizations in Canada and around the world. Its comprehensive accreditation programs foster ongoing quality improvement through evidence-based standards and a rigorous external peer review.

The Qmentum accreditation program is designed to focus on quality and safety throughout all aspects of an organizations services – from governance and leadership to direct care and infrastructure to the benefit of patients, clients, residents, staff, and volunteers.

1835 House Men’s Program Results

1835 House program completion rates for 2014/2015 showed 83% of Day Program clients, and 81% of  28 day Residential Program clients successfully completed the program clean and sober. Long-term Residential Program clients completed at a rate of 70%, with the total average of successful program completion 79%.

Client Comment:

“I am full of gratitude for my sobriety, for right relationships with my wife and daughters, and, a real blessing, two grandchildren who don’t have to be kept away from me.”                        – David, Recovery Acres alumnus

CARE for Women Results

In the first 10 weeks of program delivery 100% of clients noticed a marked improvement in their overall recovery (prior to treatment vs. after group sessions). 98% of clients said they would recommend the program to others and gave CARE an overall rating of 98%.

Client Comments:

Best program ever! Used — will be using all tools. Was great having group feedback, insight and respect. Can’t say enough. Spreading the word!! All instructors were amazing and knowledgeable, patient, kind and passionate.

I have really benefited from their program. It has given me some concrete issues to work on. John, Janine, Mary Ann and Sabrina were so professional, helpful and full of information.

This class saved me. Thank you! I was afraid of group therapy but once I started I was glad it was in a group and one on one. Thank you, ladies!

Seeing the changes of all members of our group in only two weeks…incredible.

Mary Ann [Senior Recovery Clinician] was very thoughtful and experienced. She made me feel at ease and I trusted her knowledge and confidence. Overall she is an incredible human. Janine [Program Director] is amazing and was a critical part of the support I received here. Can’t say enough good things about her and the importance of the work she does surrounding mental health. Two thumbs up.”

I am going to tell anyone who will listen about this program. It has been a game changer for me…eternally grateful.


Our Programs

How We Do It

CARE (Co-occurring Addiction Recovery Essentials) for Women

On Sept. 12, 2016 Recovery Acres launched CARE for Women, an intensive, clinical outpatient program designed specifically for women with addictions that co-occur with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, trauma-related issues or other psychological challenges. The program was developed to fill a significant service gap in clinical care for women who are unable to enter into residential treatment due to caregiving or employment obligations. In-house child-minding is available for women with pre-school aged children.

CARE for Women provides psychological testing and assessment, therapy, 12-step recovery foundations, and relapse prevention. The program takes place in two phases over three months.

Phase l: Intensive Day Program (Two weeks)

The core essentials of CARE are learned over the course of two weeks. Women attend 10 six-hour psychoeducational modules that provide the foundation for treatment and recovery. The Intensive Day Program includes:

  • Psychometric-specific psychological testing and assessment
  • Detailed, prescribed treatment plan
  • Biopsychosocial-spiritual psychoeducational programming and support materials
  • Access to a Psychologist to review test results and treatment planning
  • Group therapy
  • Introduction to 12-step recovery foundations

Phase ll: Relapse Prevention Program (10 Weeks)

Following completion of the Intensive Day Program, women begin Relapse Prevention (one weekday evening per week). Over ten weeks women will develop:

  • Relapse prevention planning skills
  • Healthy trigger response
  • Strategies for managing mental health
  • Self-discovery and accountability

1835 House Men’s Treatment

1835 House provides both Day and Residential Program options for men who are sincere about wanting to overcome addiction and/or alcoholism. Over the course of more than 40 years, 1835 House has refined a culture of sobriety built on the foundations of 12-Step recovery. The 1835 Recovery Model includes:

  • Total environment recovery
  • Counsellors in recovery (first-hand experience with an addiction)
  • Sobriety first
  • Total abstinance
  • Peer mentoring
  • Employment
  • Extended recovery
  • Planned Aftercare
  • Alumni Association

Employment is a unique and vital part of the 1835 Recovery Model because it requires responsibility and dependability. It also provides daily challenges in which to practice newly learned coping skills, and builds self-esteem and confidence.
Employment provides structure and tasks in the crucial initial phases of recovery when replacing unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones can sometimes be about filling time appropriately. All clients spend their first two weeks in-program at our centre. At the beginning of a client’s third week unemployed residents are required to begin a job search. Clients on leave from an employer are encouraged to return to work while continuing to live at the centre.

Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Program

We are committed to addressing both the addiction and mental health concerns of our clients. Men who are assessed with a co-occurring mental health disorders may choose to enter the Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Program and begin one on one psychological counselling. An introduction to co-occurring disorders is presented to all Residential Program clients.


Clients are referred to 1835 House from corporations, hospitals, universities, the medical profession, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Drug Treatment Court and through self-referrals. Recovery Acres works within an extensive network of stakeholders, service agencies and government agencies including the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Alberta Health, Alberta Justice as well as Pathways to Housing (The Alex), Calgary and area hospitals, various corporations (EAP programs), AA Central and Renfrew Recovery Centre.


Our Requests

What You Can Do

When you give to Recovery Acres, you are giving a father or mother back to their children, a daughter or son back to their parents. Addiction is a devastating family and community illness, but it is treatable. When you invest in us, you are investing in a proven method of treatment that works.

We have a 42 year track record of success. Our Alumni include men who have experienced decades of sobriety. These men have been able to live as productive members of society. They have been able to be husbands, fathers, and now grandfathers. With the launch of CARE for Women we look forward to great success on the path to healing and recovery for women.

Please consider partnering with us to provide treatment and practical tools that can save lives.

Thank you for looking at our page.

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