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Simon House Residence Society

Empowering Lasting Change. Leading the Way In Addiction Recovery.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Founded in 1982 by Doreen Baker and Franciscan Brother, Bernard Barry, Simon House began its work in a Bowness duplex that still serves men in need today, 35 years later. Simon House has been, and will always be a beacon of hope and refuge for men who have found themselves in the grip of addiction. Humble beginnings saw Brother Bernie and Doreen work tirelessly with integral volunteers and original employees, to grow and develop Simon House into the program and facility it is today. In 1983, the duplex immediately next door to its original location was generously donated to expand Simon House services and support. In 2006, through the generosity of donors, Simon House built a 30 bed building with a full commercial kitchen, board room, and office space.

Today, Simon House operates 4 buildings and 66 beds, which provide 3 distinct phases of addiction treatment and recovery to assist men in moving from a residential program to transitional housing, and onto independent living with supports and counselling. Through committed staff, board members, donors, and community partners, Simon House has become a highly respected, valued, integral, and successful addiction recovery centre in the Calgary community, serving men from all across North America.

Simon House provides an innovative and impactful 12 Step based addiction treatment and recovery program for adult males. Working to accomplish our mission of guiding and empowering men to achieve long-term recovery from addiction and all of its effects, Simon House looks to increase its impact and service delivery within the surrounding community. In order to accomplish this mission and provide services that meet the needs of our community Simon House relies on the generosity of individuals, community organizations and corporations for crucial funding support
Primarily funded through donor support, Simon House receives no annual funding from government and solely relies on donor generated funding. Without this generous support, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in the community who rely on our life-saving and transformative services.

Our Impact

What We Do

Committed to saving and transforming the lives of men who are battling addiction, Simon House provides a unique and innovative approach to addiction recovery. Rooted in the 12 Steps, Simon House incorporates various multi-disciplinary techniques and therapies to empower change and support long-term recovery. Utilizing a continuous daily intake process, we have prioritized admission to our program and are able to admit new clients seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Filling treatment beds as they become available allows us to continually engage with potential clients, allowing admissions to take place as quickly as 24-48 hours of a clients first call to Simon House.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Rooted in the 12 Steps, Simon House utilizes innovative and unique program tools that allow our clients to understand and navigate the recovery process in a meaningful way. Educating clients on the spiritual, emotional, and physiological effects of addiction, allows for a more profound exploration of their personal recovery journey. Tiered recovery phases allow clients to organically adapt to the recovery model and find long-term success; supporting our overall mission of empowering and guiding men to achieve long-term recovery from addiction and all of its effects.


Active Treatment, sees clients embarking on the first steps of their recovery journey in our 12 week Addiction Recovery Program. Highly structured classes and routines are implemented and regular, compulsory, one on one counselling sessions occur twice per week during the first four weeks of residency in the program. This elevated structure prepares clients for the subsequent recovery phases and instils healthy routines and accountability. While in Transitional Care clients are required to attend:

Five outside 12 Step meetings(AA/CA/NA)
Weekly Alumni speaker meetings
Monthly graduation meeting
Monthly Al-Anon meeting
Daily morning meditation
Daily house meeting


Transitional Care, sees clients who have successfully graduated from the 12 week program, choose to continue on to supported transitional housing. Transferred from the main facility, clients remain housed on our main campus in one of two transitional housing units. This supported transition phase will last as long as is needed and productive for the client, on a case by case basis. During this time clients are back in the work force, attending weekly individual counselling sessions and are engaging regularly with a home group. While in Transitional Care clients are required to attend:

Three 12 Step meetings per week
One Alumni speaker meeting
Monthly Al-Anon meeting
Monthly graduation meeting
Two Alumni meetings per month
One house meeting per week


Independent Sober Living, sees clients who have gained confidence and time in their recovery living off our main campus in a Simon House independent sober living house, located in the local community. Clients are required to attend groups sessions throughout the week, along with submitting for random monthly drug tests. Living completely independent of facility staff, clients are able to reconnect with their communities and re-establish routines that are healthy and further support their recovery. While in Independent Sober Living, clients are required to attend/have:

One community 12 Step meeting per week
One weekly individual counselling session
One house meeting per week
Monthly graduation meeting
Two Alumni meetings per month
Have a sponsor and a home group in the community
Have full-time employment

Our Requests

What You Can Do

We see miracles happen daily. We get to see men reclaim their families, lives and futures – we can’t do this without the generous contributions from friends in the community like you.

There are many ways to contribute to the work we are doing at Simon House with various levels of commitment. Want to learn more about how you can support the work we do? Email Nicolle, in our Donor Relations office for more information!

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