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Springboard Performance

We connect artists and audiences through physical contemporary creation and public space placemaking. We seed the Calgary art scene with creative cross-pollination through containR in Sunnyside, an Art Park for placemaking, events, outdoor arts and culture happenings.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Springboard Performance was incorporated in 1988 in Calgary.  We devise opportunities for contemporary performance and dance, locally and nationally, by removing boundaries between it and other performance genres. Our company produces and presents dance and physical contemporary creation for stage and screen and site-specific locals. Enthralled with new ways of viewing contemporary life, Springboard’s programming, creative residencies, workshops, discussions, performances and creative happenings prompts artists and audiences to risk, learn, create and connect.

Our Impact

What We Do

In 2003 Nicole Mion took over as artistic director and was in the vanguard of the company’s redevelopment by creating the international Fluid Movement Arts Festival, as well as installing the multi-disciplined platform Interrarium Creation residency for professional artists at the Banff Centre for the Arts, and spearheading the build of containR the pop up arts and community placemaking installation made from recycled shipping containers.

Under Springboard’s flag, Nicole Mion produces and choreographs for stage and screen where she integrates dance, theatre, new media and all manner of installations.

Every October Springboard presents The Fluid Movement Arts Festival where Calgary audiences can see the best of contemporary dance and physical performances featuring a line-up of international, national and local artists.  Our pop up arts venue, containR, was introduced by Springboard in 2009 to feature Alberta at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

We launched the first Calgary installation of containR in 2012 for the city’s yearlong celebration as the arts capital of Canada. We showcased containR during our festival and then in 2013 we moved containR to Sunnyside where it is today and where it is designated the first art park in Calgary. With our many partners we are enriching the urban landscape through creative placemaking. At containR we champion a 100-mile diet of creative ideas that forges links to artists, all arts mediums and audiences, community building and green initiatives.  Artists and citizens mix like molecules, forming a porous exchange of interaction and innovation, brewing unexpected creative results.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Springboard Performance curates the Fluid Movement Arts Festival, as well as all activities at containR and the Interrarium residency in Banff. With our small staff we champion and create first-rate innovative opportunities for art and its exchange.

Our partnerships are critical for sharing ideas and resources, for giving performing arts lovers the best possible experience and building a better playhouse for all to enjoy.  So it is a priority to develop committed, cross-disciplinary partnerships that act as an invaluable mid-wife for culture makers across all art forms. Over the years we have established partnerships with Alberta Ballet, Banff Centre for the Arts, EPCOR CENTRE for the performing Arts, EMMEDIA, Y Stage, Theatre Junction Grand, Dancers Studio West, One Yellow Rabbit and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks just to name a few.

By installing containR in Sunnyside as a green arts and culture incubator year round we reach out to a broader base of collaborators and audiences. Through containR we’ve forged community partnerships that include Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association, Bow-to-Bluff Placemaking Initiative, the City of Calgary planning department, The Calgary Permaculture Guild, Green Calgary, Kensington BRZ, CAWST and festivals like Sled Island and Beakerhead and Afrikadey.

By nurturing artists, thinkers, growers and local economies we grow too.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

We love our donors who support the art and the nuts and bolts of operations. Supporting The Fluid Movement Arts Festival and The Interrarium residency for creation in Banff, and the containR art park is an investment in Calgary. We love volunteers who contribute active enthusiasm for the arts through their help.

We need operations funding to manage the volume of requests we are getting from Calgary arts groups, community groups and green initiatives to use the containR space. People want containR to be active through the winter as well as spring, summer and fall. Currently we do not have the manpower over winter. Most activities that take place on the site are free to the public, but not free for us to make it happen. Operations funding to keep crew working over the winter and through the other seasons would be a great boon.  To donate click here.

We now have 7 shipping containers on the site with plans for more. We still do not have full power, water or heat. Donations to improve this status will go a long way to helping us stay open and warm fall, winter and spring.  To donate click here.

We invest our money so artists can do what they do best. Gotta dance.  Gotta sing. Gotta celebrate the best that art can be. Gotta show what innovative creative Calgarians do. To donate click here.

Volunteers contact to sign up.

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