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We connect Canadians to their military heritage and aim to become a recognized leader in sharing Canada's military history. We believe Canadians are proud of the sacrifice of the fallen, veterans and serving members and want to know their stories. Because their stories… are our stories. Its about informed citizenship; to know and understand the role the brave men and women who proudly wear the maple leaf have had in building this nation and a better world past, present and future.

Our Story

Why We Exist

What is Canada’s role in the world? What is our responsibility to protect those unable to protect themselves and safeguard human rights both at home and beyond our borders? What are the consequences of action or inaction? What have we done in the past? What are the lessons to be learned? How have these actions shaped our lives today and our expectations for the future? How do we measure the worth of the sacrifice?

These questions are fundamental and generate important discussions and debate that are the very essence of democracy.

Conflict rages. The world is in turmoil. The causes are complex:  territorial, religious, imperial expansion, historical grievances and long standing disputes. We have felt the consequences within our borders. Yet are we are failing to prepare our youth, the country’s future leaders,  to lead Canada? How will they make informed decisions if they lack the basic knowledge about military history, heritage and traditions. To understand the experiences that shaped and influenced our foreign policy, humanitarian, diplomatic and military. History guides and shapes the debate about our future at home and abroad. Our goal is to lead the discussion. To engage our youth to think critically about the world, and the nation they will one day lead.  To insure they possess the knowledge to confidentially exercise this responsibility and the courage to make informed decisions.

Knowledge of Canada’s military history is imperative in a democracy where we, the citizens, ultimately make the life and death decision to send our forces in harm’s way. It explains why we made the decisions we did and at the cost. Our past successes and failures enable us to make better decisions in the future.

The service and sacrifice of the brave men and women who have so proudly worn the maple leaf reminds us of who we are, what we believe, the great things we have done and the mistakes we have made. They are Canada’s best and their story is our story!

It is our responsibility as parents and as a community of concerned citizens to insure our youth understand their military history and heritage and equip them to think critically about Canada’s role in the world with the hope of shaping a better future.

—- Our Impact in 2014 —–

  • a year of unprecedented growth for education programming; the number of student and teacher participants grew by 57%. Our greatest challenge is to balance an expanding program with fiscal sustainability.
  • Over 2 days in April and May and 6 days in November and December 2014, over 1300 Calgary and area senior high students gathered at The Military Museums to discuss, debate and deliberate over options for Canada (humanitarian, diplomatic, and military) in regards to the Islamic State (IS) conflict.
  • the launch of the inaugural Junior High School, held over 2 days with over 250 students from 3 Calgary and area schools. The topic was ‘Women and War’ and students were invited to examine the impact of war on civilian females around the world by engaging with the gallery’s exhibition entitled 11 Women Facing War.
  • Partnerships through relationship building with different corporations and foundations , military units in Calgary and Edmonton, the University of Calgary, Glenbow Museum, Members of Parliament and schools throughout Alberta we have found many willing partners to join us in our work.

Our Impact

What We Do

Valour Canada engages and educates Canadians, notably our youth, by developing and delivering progressive educational programs that investigate Canada and the world with a focus on the role of the Canadian forces.

We believe it is a central pillar of citizenship to know and understand the contribution the Canadian forces have had in shaping this nation and our involvement internationally as peacekeepers and peacemakers. So we can fully understand and appreciate what it means to be Canadian both at home and around the world.

Our Mission is to connect Canadians to their proud military history and heritage. The values associated include human rights; safety and security, the rule of law and the democratic values of free speech and elected government.

It is about citizenship.  

For over one hundred years, the Canadian forces have served our nation at home and abroad. They have liberated the oppressed, defeated tyranny and restored peace and security, health and hope. We are a trusted ally and respected peace broker.  Our forces proudly wear the maple leaf wherever they go. Yet, as a nation, many of us are unaware of our military history or are ill informed about our current involvement?

It is about what it means to be Canadian, what we value as a nation, what we are willing to defend? Born out of a desire to create a unique identity, for over one hundred years Canadians have fought for the values we hold true. Our forces have liberated the oppressed, defeated tyranny and restored peace and security, health and hope at home and abroad. We are a trusted ally and respected peace broker…. But do Canadians today know this? We believe Canadians are proud of their history and want to learn more.

Our mission is to insure they do. Read on and find out how we do it.   

Our Programs

How We Do It

School Programs:  Interactive, inclusive and inquiry based, Valour Canada’s school programs bridge the gap between the textbook and the tactical. Starting with a current conflict, we engage students with experts, academics and veterans who work together to understand the complexities of international affairs and reflect on Canada’s historic responses. We examine possible involvements, economic, humanitarian and military. In particular we examine the reasons Canada has deployed the Canadian Forces notably the World Wars, Korea, peacekeeping and Afghanistan and under what circumstances we should committ our forces today and in the future. The program culminates with a full day workshop where students reach a decision regarding Canada’s involvement in real world situation. The program is about informed citizenship. Insuring young Canadians know and understand the responsibility of making difficult decisions and the consequences of these decisions and possess the knowledge, skills and understanding to make informed decisions. In three years the program has tripled in participation and is expanding provincially.

Monumental Canadians:  Award winning documentary series tells the stories of individual Canadians who in many cases, made the ultimate sacrifice. Currently producting a documentary on the 19000 Canadians lost in the First World War who have no known grave.  Scheduled for broadcast nationally in November 2015. The current library of documentaries can be viewed at:

Social Media :  Militrivia, Valour Canada’s facebook page, is informative and evocative in covering historical and current topics on Canada’s military. Currently has thousands of followers and several posts received over 30,000 views. Militrivia can be viewed at: We also have a twitter account. Additional social media formats (instagram, linked-in and blogs) are currently under development.

Community Events:

  • General Sir Arthur Currie Award and Gala:  Held annually to honour General Sir Arthur Currie, our greatest general,  and recognize a Canadian(s) who in their lifetime have connected Canadians to their miltiary heritage.  Visit our website to read about last year’s gala. Information for the 2016 gala will be posted in the fall.
  • Flame of Remembrance Ceremony:  Held annually on November 10th on the observation deck of the Calgary Tower.  The ceremony culminates with the lighting of the Tower’s flame reminding us of John McRae’s immortal covenant with the fallen from Flanders’ Fields:  “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be your sto hold it high.”  The ceremony has received national coverage.  This year’s ceremony will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holland by the Canadian Army.
  • Valour Canada’s website:  For additional information on our programs, to become a member or donate, visit   A new and improved, responsive, website will be launched in September 2015.





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What You Can Do

Valour Canada’s success in becoming a leader in connecting Canadians to their military heritage relies on your support.

To become a member, donate or sponsor please visit and click on the take action icon.


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