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If every Youth Central volunteer was paid minimum wage for their efforts, last year they would have made $404,905.30 combined. Instead, they give selflessly to their community as we shape the next generation of active citizens in our city. We are creating socially conscious leaders of today and tomorrow!

Our Story

Why We Exist

Four years ago, Mallory Gibbons was pretty sure she wasn’t going to graduate high school. She was shy and uncomfortable with herself, and her choice of friends was getting her in trouble. She needed to re-direct her focus.

That’s where Youth Central came in. Mallory joined the Youth Volunteer Corps club at Discovering Choices High School. She saw an opportunity to do something positive and to make a difference in her school and community.

In the following years, Mallory helped to facilitate fundraisers, volunteer with various city organizations, and organize student activities. The club became a fundamental part of the school and its culture, and Mallory became a leader. It’s the highlight of her week and something to always look forward to.

She’s now able to articulate and implement ideas with confidence and conviction. She’s self-assured and is comfortable stepping outside of her comfort zone, readily accepting any challenge thrown her way. And she’s graduating high school this year, an accomplishment she credits Youth Central in helping her achieve by giving her the motivation she needed.

Our Impact

What We Do

Imagine a city that is filled with young people that are community-minded, active citizens that want change and will take action. Youth Central ensures this generation and all future generations are engaged, empathetic, caring team players who have a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Youth Central is a dynamic and creative non-profit charitable organization with the mission to inspire, engage and celebrate youth through community participation. We have a vision that all youth participate in shaping a vibrant community. Often, youth are undervalued and underestimated for what they can offer to the community and even negatively stereotyped. Through Youth Central, young people are engaged in the community and given a voice; celebrated for what they bring to the community; and inspired to do even more for our city.

In 1992, the original concept of a child-friendly organization in Calgary was that of developing diverse opportunities for children and youth to get involved and have a voice in their communities. Over the years, the organization has grown into a leader in youth engagement and youth volunteerism, winning various community awards for its programs.

We provide a place for youth to find meaningful volunteer experiences.  We help youth make a difference and be active caring citizens. We support youth in building valuable skills for future employment. We give youth a voice. We grow young people’s understanding of their community. We build Calgary’s leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Youth Central is the largest youth volunteering organization in North America, with nine programs, over 3,000 youth volunteers ages 12-18 and over 40,000 hours given to the community each year.

Youth Central’s largest program, the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC), is deeply embedded in our community. YVC works with 179 agencies in our city that rely on Youth Central’s volunteers to help with their events and initiatives year-round.

Through Youth Central’s programs, youth learn about the community and its diverse needs and issues, [youth] volunteer as a team with various community agencies to make a difference, join a foundation and learn about philanthropy and granting, serve on various leadership committees, plan community events, blog about community issues, “vote” for Calgary’s Mayor, and voice their opinions to community leaders. Young people do not always know where to start to find a volunteer opportunity, are overwhelmed by the choices, or have a great idea to make our city more vibrant, but they are unsure who to share it with or how to make it happen.

Youth Central makes it easy as a one-stop-shop for youth volunteering and community engagement.  We have a program or volunteer opportunity for all interests.  Through the programs youth learn and have a sense of community needs and are inspired to become committed active citizens.  In addition, youth learn valuable skills such as team building, leadership, communication and decision making.  Youth Central is a unique organization due to its variety of programming and approach to youth engagement.

For a listing and detailed description of each of our programs, click here at Youth Central Programs.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

If you know of a young person (ages 12-18) who is interested in getting involved and making a difference in their community…connect them with Youth Central.  It’s easy, complete the online form, receive parental permission and choose a volunteer project!

Let us help you!  Are you looking for extra help with upcoming projects/events or know an organization that does? Contact us for details on how to incorporate a group of dedicated and energetic youth volunteers to help with the success of your community event or agency.

Currently we are in need of four new computers.

We are always looking for recognition items to use as giveaways and snacks to thank the tireless volunteers.

Of course, you can always make a donation!

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