The Calgary Public Library helps meet our thirst for knowledge
Calgarians love their library. They share a deep appreciation for how it helps to change lives, opens the door to opportunity through literacy and knowledge and brings people together to build community. They see its impact on the city's economic and social well-being. They know that, for more...
CSIF Impact
Stories crowd us. Many are told best as films. CSIF is dedicated to making sure these films get made and seen. We‘re a vital part of the engine fueling the local independent film community through workshops, equipment rental, and mentorship.
Canadian Music Centre Prairie Region
We are the catalyst that connects you to the ever-evolving world of Canadian musical creation through performance, education, and promotion. Our centre, with an extensive library of Canadian music scores is here to meet your needs. Whether you are a composer, performer, or simply looking for an...
Dancers' Studio West - never leave unchanged
We nurture artistic growth and public appreciation of contemporary dance through innovative presentation, professional development and educational programs.
We invite audiences and students to experience how jazz music shapes movement and feeling, to explore the connection between personal expression and collaboration, and to move.
Increasing access through shows like "rihannaboi95", livestreamed online
You’ll be entertained, moved, provoked… then turn to a stranger and have a conversation you couldn’t have anywhere else. We produce theatre that sparks dialogue between Calgarians about the questions that matter most to them.
Touring Show
We are a touring educational, environmental, science based, theatre company for young audiences. As part of our mandate we promote the arts through space provision to artists and the greater community. We offer cost-effective spaces and programming with the highest functionality possible.
Fairy Tales 2014 Festival Guests
We are passionate about celebrating queer voices and artists through film. We bring new educational and artistic community experiences to Calgary, and create safe and respectful events for members of all communities to celebrate queer culture across the LGBTTQA spectrum. For 17 years, we’ve...
Touch Me: Songs for a (dis)connected age
developing original musical theatre
Cultural learning through camping
Rediscovery: a connection to nature, a sense of community, a sense of self. The “Rediscovery” model based on Aboriginal teachings bridges for participants new understandings of themselves, other cultures and the natural world.