Citizen Engagement

Calgary Youth Science Fair, CYSF, CWSF
Calgary’s youth are improving our world, one science fair project at a time - from reducing environmental toxins to exploring safer travel with adaptive wheels. The Calgary Youth Science Fair helps students discover passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
We are dedicated to the conservation and education of our treasured southern Alberta landscape, ensuring its health for generations to come. We are a solutions based organization that focuses on large landscape conservation and we are a leader in environmental education.
The Three Sisters, Canmore
Telling the stories of the history and the mountains of the Canmore area at the Canmore Museum, the North West Mounted Police Barracks heritage building and through various outreach programs.
The CPAA provides programs and services and collaborates with others within the disability community to enrich the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities; advocating, promoting awareness, acceptance and understanding to build a strong, supportive community.
CLERC is the only organization in Western Canada providing free legal support to vulnerable children and youth. Our work changes lives by addressing the mental, social and economic well-being of young people accessing our programs and receiving legal services.
Chinook Arch Sunset Calgary
Our Society creates a greater understanding of Canadian and Albertan history. A “Museum of the Mind,” where we collect and tell stories of the many people that have made Calgary and Alberta the vibrant place it is today.
Elementary student casting a ballot.
We're a national civic education charity working to build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship within young Canadians. Rather than learn about democracy in a textbook, we provide learning opportunities that help students experience it firsthand.
20 representatives of member groups at a members' night event, smiling and waving, posing for the camera
Affordable, inclusive community space for Calgary grass-roots and non-profit organizations.
Dancers' Studio West - never leave unchanged
We nurture artistic growth and public appreciation of contemporary dance through innovative presentation, professional development and educational programs.
Increasing access through shows like "rihannaboi95", livestreamed online
You’ll be entertained, moved, provoked… then turn to a stranger and have a conversation you couldn’t have anywhere else. We produce theatre that sparks dialogue between Calgarians about the questions that matter most to them.