Citizen Engagement

Every year in Alberta, 4,700 premature babies are born who need access to life-saving donor human milk. We are Canada's only community-based milk bank dedicated to providing sick and fragile babies with the life-saving nutrients of pasteurized donor human milk.
Grade 7 students with U of C's Faculty of Nursing practicum students
NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Parents) our name says it all, we are on a mission to educate and motivate, children, teachers and parents to EAT more of the Four Food Groups, WALK more everyday, LIVE longer!
Oldman Watershed Council
We are a community-based not-for-profit that works with everyone to find practical solutions to environmental challenges that impact us all. It takes time and effort to work collaboratively but we are building a new way of managing our water and land where we all do our part, work together and...
Staff and members and Potential Place Reception Desk.
Mental illness can be emotionally crippling - it robs you of your dignity and often leads to isolation. We rebuild self-worth and self-confidence, working alongside colleagues with the goal of fully reintegrating members back into the larger community.
Child pictured sitting at a Remembrance Day ceremony
We are the peace centre of The Canadian Council of Churches, mandated to work with churches, government, and civil society, in Canada and abroad, to advance policies and actions that prevent war and armed violence and build peace.
Propellus is the volunteer and capacity building centre of Calgary. We promote volunteerism and connect people with volunteer opportunities and we connect our 450 member organizations to help us all work together. We strengthen organizations so they can engage volunteers and work effectively.
PCHS Logo: Calgary Serving Diverse Communities
We empower and foster happy healthy and engaged families through effective outreach, partnering with other agencies, and providing family-centred, linguistically and culturally appropriate programming and supportive counseling to the South Asian community.
People’s lives change over time and as life changes occur, we are there to assist in developing a plan that connects people to the resources necessary to succeed. Our support allows people to navigate out of crisis towards a better future. We Help People Help Themselves.
The Samaritan Club of Calgary fills a special niche – quick access for Calgarians when all else has failed. There are many ways that we help those that can’t access other programs or have used up other funding.
That seniors and children in every community build special friendships by respecting and supporting one another.