Education & Learning

Every year, 20,000 newcomers with diverse backgrounds arrive in Calgary
We provide much needed settlement and integration support to nearly 20,000 newcomer individuals, families, children and youth who make the brave choice to move to Calgary to begin a new life.
Suicide is irreversible. There is only one answer to suicide and that is prevention. As every member of a family devastated by suicide knows, after the fact is too late.
The CPAA provides programs and services and collaborates with others within the disability community to enrich the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities; advocating, promoting awareness, acceptance and understanding to build a strong, supportive community.
CLERC is the only organization in Western Canada providing free legal support to vulnerable children and youth. Our work changes lives by addressing the mental, social and economic well-being of young people accessing our programs and receiving legal services.
Chinook Arch Sunset Calgary
Our Society creates a greater understanding of Canadian and Albertan history. A “Museum of the Mind,” where we collect and tell stories of the many people that have made Calgary and Alberta the vibrant place it is today.
Elementary student casting a ballot.
We're a national civic education charity working to build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship within young Canadians. Rather than learn about democracy in a textbook, we provide learning opportunities that help students experience it firsthand.
Akeem Haynes visits Alberta classroom
We believe kids have what it takes and that all students deserve to learn the skills of success. By partnering with teachers to pair Olympians and Paralympians with classrooms, we work to help students realize their potential, set goals and dream big.
Women leaning over to select healthy food with Spinz-a-Round logo
We work cooperatively with individuals, families and communities to enable initiatives that reduce hunger. We enhance the capacity of participants to acquire skills in preparing affordable meals, by providing fresh fruits and vegetables and developing sound economic management practices.
Helping older adults stay active, involved and engaged.
Woman and boy practice ASL
The deaf, deafened and hard of hearing have the right to equal access to all aspects of life and they will be able to do this when the hearing world truly understands the Deaf and hard of hearing worlds.