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Dancers' Studio West - never leave unchanged
We nurture artistic growth and public appreciation of contemporary dance through innovative presentation, professional development and educational programs.
150,000 students miss school each day and 7 out of 10 children drop out of organized sports by age 13. Why? Because they feel alone, unsafe, or unwelcome. At Dare to Care we address the pervasive and crippling issue of bullying to ensure that all children feel safe, welcome, and included in their...
We invite audiences and students to experience how jazz music shapes movement and feeling, to explore the connection between personal expression and collaboration, and to move.
Distress Centre Logo
We provide Calgary’s only 24 hour crisis service. We do this through 24/7 phone and email support and daily online chat. We offer face-to-face professional counseling and a 24/7 information and referral service through our 211 service. We offer our 24/7 phone support in over 200 languages. Our...
Ducks Unlimited Canada
We connect people to nature and a healthier world through wetland conservation. We use expert science and partner with others to conserve marshes, ponds and bogs across Canada. These critical areas provide clean water and habitat for waterfowl and wildlife, including species at risk.
We’re a charitable trust, established by the Calgary Board of Education Trustees in 2003, to support excellence in Calgary’s public school system and provide students more opportunities to succeed and excel. We support innovative public education enhancement programs, which enrich core curriculum.
EMS Foundation logo
The Emergency Medical Services Foundation supports education, research, and injury and mental health prevention initiatives for front line EMS staff
We engage children, youth, adults and families in experientially based opportunities and community participation to learn and develop skills that foster resilience. We are a community committed to enhancing the quality of family life in Alberta.
Group of resident-led engaged participants
An umbrella of more than 40 ethno-cultural community groups of African, Caribbean, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern descent; we work with everyone to build strong communities and cross-cultural connections so that we achieve a more respectful, inclusive and welcoming society for all.
We help some of Calgary's most disadvantaged children, who suffer from trauma, abuse and poverty. These kids (aged 3-5) are 70 per cent delayed from peers. We close these developmental gaps, and give these children a more Even Start by the beginning of Grade One.