Women leaning over to select healthy food with Spinz-a-Round logo
We work cooperatively with individuals, families and communities to enable initiatives that reduce hunger. We enhance the capacity of participants to acquire skills in preparing affordable meals, by providing fresh fruits and vegetables and developing sound economic management practices.
Distress Centre Logo
We provide Calgary’s only 24 hour crisis service. We do this through 24/7 phone and email support and daily online chat. We offer face-to-face professional counseling and a 24/7 information and referral service through our 211 service. We offer our 24/7 phone support in over 200 languages. Our...
Picture of father giving son a ride on his back while wife and mother gazes on happily in the background
Our mission is to prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery. As a volunteer-based health charity, we improve the health of every Canadian family, every day. Together we make healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.
Cooking Group
We believe that given a strong sense of community through home, work and play, individuals can be more successful in their relationships and as members of society.
I Can for Kids Foundation
Hunger doesn't take summer vacation. For over 3,500 Calgary kids, summer will be the hardest and hungriest time of the year. We deliver child-friendly food packs, each accounting for three meals and two snacks, to food insecure children and youth right in their own neighbourhoods.
Made by Momma Calgary
Mothers need a helping hand at times. Whether a sudden illness, a chronic injury, the birth of multiples, post-partum depression, or other situations of adversity - for those who have nowhere else to turn to, we are there for them.
Donors make safe and affordable housing possible
BUILDING COMMUNITY. GROWING HOPE. SUPPORTING CHANGE. At The Mustard Seed, we meet basic needs, providing shelter, food, clothing and hope for people experiencing poverty and homelessness. We also support people in need through housing, employment and wellness services.
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Working with low income families in NE Calgary, we provide support and assistance with issues ranging from food security, parenting issues, domestic violence and financial instability. We strengthen families' well-being and assist them in living a healthier lifestyle.
Every year in Alberta, 4,700 premature babies are born who need access to life-saving donor human milk. We are Canada's only community-based milk bank dedicated to providing sick and fragile babies with the life-saving nutrients of pasteurized donor human milk.
Grade 7 students with U of C's Faculty of Nursing practicum students
NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Parents) our name says it all, we are on a mission to educate and motivate, children, teachers and parents to EAT more of the Four Food Groups, WALK more everyday, LIVE longer!