Immigrant Newcomers

C.I.E.S. - Building the Future
We've helped newcomers and low-income Canadians find their rightful place in our city for nearly 30 years. With over 150 staff and students from 75 different nationalities, we provide English language and employment skills instruction for every stage of the settlement process, in-class and...
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We are a settlement agency that focuses on the unique needs of immigrant and refugee women, girls and their families. We offer programs in the areas of settlement and integration, literacy and language training, employment support, and family services.
two volunteers stand in front of a rainbow flag with hearts on it as part of the opening for the Beyond Borders program
We are the community support hub for LGBTQ+ Calgarians. It is our mission to support & uplift LGBTQ+ lives. Our support services help Calgarians overcome various barriers including mental health, suicide, homelessness, self-acceptance, coming out and more.
We are all about kids! We keep kids safe by providing vital intervention, education and prevention programs in partnership with the Calgary Police Service.
Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre
Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be confusing and overwhelming. It gets even harder when you feel alone. We are here to listen, provide practical support, and education to help build a stronger community.
Every year, 20,000 newcomers with diverse backgrounds arrive in Calgary
We provide much needed settlement and integration support to nearly 20,000 newcomer individuals, families, children and youth who make the brave choice to move to Calgary to begin a new life.
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Empowering Families to Stay Together
indigenous women
We offer pathways to healing, through supports and advocacy, for women who are affected by systemic social issues which contribute to their criminalization.
Group of resident-led engaged participants
An umbrella of more than 40 ethno-cultural community groups of African, Caribbean, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern descent; we work with everyone to build strong communities and cross-cultural connections so that we achieve a more respectful, inclusive and welcoming society for all.
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We build leadership capacity in the social change sector.