Children playing together at a playground.
A place “Where Everyone Can Play”
The WiseGuyz program
Driven by the fact that sexual health is integral to a person’s well-being; our education, counselling and community programs are making a significant contribution to the prevention of domestic and sexual violence, homophobia, bullying, addictions and other social issues.
Early intervention education program for children and parents
Through integrated health care, education and housing services, CUPS empowers individuals and families to overcome the challenges of poverty and reach their full potential. CUPS works with over 10,000 low-income Calgarians each year.
We are the voice for Canadians with Down syndrome. With the support of their family, friends, and all Canadians - all people with Down syndrome can live AMAZING lives.
Afghan women and girls participate in a CW4Wafghan Life Skills Workshop in Mirjikhil Village, Kohestan II, Kapisa Province
We take action, in partnership with Afghan girls and women, to improve conditions of human rights, end women's oppression, advance women’s education, and provide opportunities for Afghan women to live with dignity, certainty and purpose.
carya's Logo
We support people in every life stage: from new parents and babies to teenagers and older adults living in ever-changing communities. For over 100 years, we’ve supported the city we love and the communities that make Calgary an amazing place.
Vulnerable Calgarians thrive.
We build stronger families. Our programs help people work through their issues, so they can move forward and live the live they've always wanted.
Every year, 20,000 newcomers with diverse backgrounds arrive in Calgary
We provide much needed settlement and integration support to nearly 20,000 newcomer individuals, families, children and youth who make the brave choice to move to Calgary to begin a new life.
Suicide is irreversible. There is only one answer to suicide and that is prevention. As every member of a family devastated by suicide knows, after the fact is too late.
The CPAA provides programs and services and collaborates with others within the disability community to enrich the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities; advocating, promoting awareness, acceptance and understanding to build a strong, supportive community.