People’s lives change over time and as life changes occur, we are there to assist in developing a plan that connects people to the resources necessary to succeed. Our support allows people to navigate out of crisis towards a better future. We Help People Help Themselves.
Jean-Claude Munyezamu poses with players from Vista Heights
Soccer is a universal language. We use soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing under-served youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success. Through our passion for play, we connect kids and neighbours through soccer.
We instill hope today and build community bridges for a brighter tomorrow. We provide individuals and families living in 28 south west communities with the resources, information, and community support that will empower them and build on their individual strengths.
Future Leaders and Citizens
Our vision is 'Enriching Living Through Music'. We develop the hearts and minds of children with results beyond music itself including higher sensitivity, increased self-discipline, improved academic skills and a sense of confidence and self-esteem.
SHARP turns despair into hope - lonely man pictured
We provide care for Calgary's most vulnerable people who have health and behavioral issues so complex that they meet barrier after barrier to service. These challenges include homelessness, mental illness, addictions, histories of abuse/violence, chronic diseases and many more...
As Calgary's largest artist-run centre, we are dedicated to the development and public presentation of contemporary art. Our goal is to incite dialogue locally, which contributes to the global critical discourse on contemporary art.
The Shakespeare Company
We are Calgary’s lean and mean classical theatre company, highlighting the best of the Bard in all his comedy, tragedy, and bawdiness. Since 1995, we have brought the Bard alive for Calgarians through both Shakespeare and Shakespeare inspired plays.
Map of the world created in plywood by Daniel J. Kirk
Situated in Calgary's oldest theatre, The Grand, we are the container and catalyst for the city's strong arts culture. As a multi-disciplinary live arts venue, we present local and international live art, and foster a local arts scene by supporting and nurturing artists at all stages of...
Simon and his family
We develop and provide opportunities for children, adults, and seniors with developmental disabilities and brain injury survivors to attain a personal level of achievement and excellence in life.
Aboriginal girl pictured smiling softly
We're the only non-profit solely dedicated to Calgary’s Aboriginal youth since its inception in 2001. Our programs and supports seek to transform the lives of the youth and empower them to initiate change in their city.