Mental Health

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For more than 40 years, we have been working to ensure people feel safe and supported, gain resiliency and thrive in their community.
Donors make safe and affordable housing possible
BUILDING COMMUNITY. GROWING HOPE. SUPPORTING CHANGE. At The Mustard Seed, we meet basic needs, providing shelter, food, clothing and hope for people experiencing poverty and homelessness. We also support people in need through housing, employment and wellness services.
We provide Aboriginal-based programs dealing with addictions in the community. Since 1974, we've helped men, women and their families recover from the destructive effects of alcohol, drug and gambling addictions.
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We strengthen individuals, families and communities within North Rocky View Region; ensuring that all people have access to services, resources and opportunities, to promote their well-being.
Every year in Alberta, 4,700 premature babies are born who need access to life-saving donor human milk. We are Canada's only community-based milk bank dedicated to providing sick and fragile babies with the life-saving nutrients of pasteurized donor human milk.
Oneball - Love your Balls
On a mission to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer, fund critical testicular cancer research, promote early diagnosis and provide meaningful assistance to patients one ball at a time.
Pets improve the emotional well-being of humans
Recipients of PALS programs are those whose response to other forms of therapy is non-existent, or who respond to alternative forms of therapy. Clients who benefit from this program have often experienced brain injuries, strokes, dementia, Autism/Asperger’s or are in palliative care.
We draw on the strengths and guidance of Aboriginal traditions and teachings to support vulnerable children, youth and families. Through cultural practice, programming, and targeted interventions we strengthen family relationships and resilience.
Staff and members and Potential Place Reception Desk.
Mental illness can be emotionally crippling - it robs you of your dignity and often leads to isolation. We rebuild self-worth and self-confidence, working alongside colleagues with the goal of fully reintegrating members back into the larger community.
Prospect is an award-winning, employment-focused not-for-profit agency.
BREAK BARRIERS. EMPLOY CHANGE. We are a not-for-profit employment agency that helps people facing barriers to employment overcome their obstacles and find good jobs. We also work with employers to help them tap talent pools they may not have known about.