Mental Health

Trinity Place Foundation uses innovative supports and partnerships to enhance the quality of life of its tenants and residents.
We are dedicated to providing quality housing and supports to low income older adults. Our motto is “More than Housing” and it describes the innovative programs we have developed that help residents maintain independence and quality of life.
Simon and his family
We develop and provide opportunities for children, adults, and seniors with developmental disabilities and brain injury survivors to attain a personal level of achievement and excellence in life.
Aboriginal girl pictured smiling softly
We're the only non-profit solely dedicated to Calgary’s Aboriginal youth since its inception in 2001. Our programs and supports seek to transform the lives of the youth and empower them to initiate change in their city.
Persons with disabilities are valued and integral members of society.
Lives Well Lived! We support persons with disabilities to have a safe home, good health and a meaningful job.
Active, Healthy Child
Formerly Cardel Place, we're on a mission to raise healthier generations in Calgary and beyond. We are committed to healthy active living, innovation and community building. As stewards of one of Calgary’s leading recreation centres, we’re pioneering local solutions to the national challenge...
Hands with eyes serves well as a puppet
At WP Puppet Theatre we seek to spark curiosity; provide understanding about the world we live in; examine the issues of our time; consider solutions and inspire our audiences to become active, ethical and involved citizens through puppetry.
At Wellspring, you are not alone...
Our warm and welcoming community provides a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs so anyone living with cancer and the people who care about them can improve the quality of their lives.
Jack Spring 2017
We're a multi-service children's mental health organization with more than 40 programs and services offered in Calgary, Strathmore, Lethbridge, Canmore, Fort McMurray and Fort Smith, NWT.
Families swimming at the YMCA
We are focused on providing today’s young people with opportunities for healthy activities, social development and leadership training. We believe our communities will be vibrant and healthy when children, youth and adults feel they can belong, grow, thrive and lead.
YVC volunteers at the Drop-in Centre
If every Youth Central volunteer was paid minimum wage for their efforts, last year they would have made $404,905.30 combined. Instead, they give selflessly to their community as we shape the next generation of active citizens in our city. We are creating socially conscious leaders of today and...