Akeem Haynes visits Alberta classroom
We believe kids have what it takes and that all students deserve to learn the skills of success. By partnering with teachers to pair Olympians and Paralympians with classrooms, we work to help students realize their potential, set goals and dream big.
Women leaning over to select healthy food with Spinz-a-Round logo
We work cooperatively with individuals, families and communities to enable initiatives that reduce hunger. We enhance the capacity of participants to acquire skills in preparing affordable meals, by providing fresh fruits and vegetables and developing sound economic management practices.
Touring Show
We are a touring educational, environmental, science based, theatre company for young audiences. As part of our mandate we promote the arts through space provision to artists and the greater community. We offer cost-effective spaces and programming with the highest functionality possible.
We work to support board members and volunteers of community based not-for-profit organizations who improve neighbourhood life in Calgary by providing programs and services that help them build their organization’s capacity to support and mobilize residents, and to be on the front lines of...
Cooking Group
We believe that given a strong sense of community through home, work and play, individuals can be more successful in their relationships and as members of society.
Bob, as described below, is pictured smiling and looking relaxed.
We provide affordable, integrated and supported homes to over 700 individuals in Calgary. We serve tenants with a variety of special needs including individuals living with mental health challenges, physical disabilities, families and seniors living below the poverty line and the working poor.
We serve children, adults and families who experience significant mental health, behavioural and developmental challenges. We use our expertise to help move them to success, and actively confront the barriers to wellness in our whole community.
Engaging the power of community in YYC
Everyone deserves a home. Homelessness…it’s personal. We work with individuals and communities to build affordable and respectful housing…a place to belong.
LINKages intergenerational East Village volunteers
We connect seniors and youth ages 12-24 through school-based and community programs that foster mutually beneficial friendships, promote learning and sharing of history, challenge ageist attitudes and strengthen community engagement.
Lougheed House and Gardens, a National and Provincial Historic Site in Calgary's Beltline.
A National and Provincial Historic Site and Museum, we tell diverse stories about our past and present, which help us all understand this community and our place in it. We are the Beltline's 14,000 square-foot hub of cultural happenings and programs on 2.8 acres of gardens and lawns.