Trinity Place Foundation uses innovative supports and partnerships to enhance the quality of life of its tenants and residents.
We are dedicated to providing quality housing and supports to low income older adults. Our motto is “More than Housing” and it describes the innovative programs we have developed that help residents maintain independence and quality of life.
We inspire and activate human potential through the spirit of sport. We help people of all ages become better than yesterday in sport and in life.
Families swimming at the YMCA
We are focused on providing today’s young people with opportunities for healthy activities, social development and leadership training. We believe our communities will be vibrant and healthy when children, youth and adults feel they can belong, grow, thrive and lead.
YVC volunteers at the Drop-in Centre
If every Youth Central volunteer was paid minimum wage for their efforts, last year they would have made $404,905.30 combined. Instead, they give selflessly to their community as we shape the next generation of active citizens in our city. We are creating socially conscious leaders of today and...
YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre
TODAY’S WORLD IS TOUGH. Online predators. Drugs. Gangs. Bullying. When a child, enters their teens there can be a lot to be worried about. We teach kids how to stay safe and we let them know how the police can help.