Caring for our community
Health care touches us all. For some, it might be a quick visit – for others, it could be just one of many. We strive to make a difference for these people because they are our friends, family and our neighbours.
Our vision is for Calgary to be a safe community, free of crime.
Our community-based organization is dedicated to reducing the incidence of crime and increasing community safety through preventative and restorative justice practices. A place for new beginnings, we work with individuals every day to help restore lives, prevent crime and strengthen communities...
We are all about kids! We keep kids safe by providing vital intervention, education and prevention programs in partnership with the Calgary Police Service.
Calgary Seniors' Resource Society
For over 20 years, we've been providing much needed and innovative services that prevent and reduce social isolation, and support seniors to live independently to the greatest extent possible.
The WiseGuyz program
Driven by the fact that sexual health is integral to a person’s well-being; our education, counselling and community programs are making a significant contribution to the prevention of domestic and sexual violence, homophobia, bullying, addictions and other social issues.
Early intervention education program for children and parents
Through integrated health care, education and housing services, CUPS empowers individuals and families to overcome the challenges of poverty and reach their full potential. CUPS works with over 10,000 low-income Calgarians each year.
We have served the community since 1974, providing innovative safety, healing and prevention programs to more than 180,000 Calgarians. We are on the front lines to provide a community free from family violence and abuse.
We are the voice for Canadians with Down syndrome. With the support of their family, friends, and all Canadians - all people with Down syndrome can live AMAZING lives.
Diane and her guide dog
We provide community-based and personalized vision rehabilitative care to over 10,000 people each year. We are a national organization with a strong local presence, helping people who are blind or partially-sighted see beyond their vision loss.
Suicide is irreversible. There is only one answer to suicide and that is prevention. As every member of a family devastated by suicide knows, after the fact is too late.