We are the voice for Canadians with Down syndrome. With the support of their family, friends, and all Canadians - all people with Down syndrome can live AMAZING lives.
Vulnerable Calgarians thrive.
We build stronger families. Our programs help people work through their issues, so they can move forward and live the live they've always wanted.
Franky smiling while working at Home Depot
We are changing lives by creating more inclusive workplaces to strengthen our community.
indigenous women
We offer pathways to healing, through supports and advocacy, for women who are affected by systemic social issues which contribute to their criminalization.
Fresh Start building and logo
We have been recognized across Canada for our effective program delivery. Since 1992 we've been providing solutions that recover lives by housing, treating and supporting people living with addiction. Our home includes a 50-bed treatment centre that is one of the largest live-in treatment...
FESA helps to improve a daughter's reading skills...
Strengthening communities, families, and individuals through literacy and learning.
Happy Families, Healthy Babies, Highbanks, Hope Lives Here
Teen mothers face isolation, poverty, low rates of education and low employment. Highbanks provides affordable housing and a nurturing community where young families can learn and grow.
Getting recognized as a lawyer in Canada seemed daunting
Established in 1977 as the Calgary Immigrant Aid Society, we are now one of Alberta’s longest serving and most comprehensive settlement agencies. We provide assistance and first language support to immigrants and refugee populations in over 140 languages.
Mother and daughter
We strengthen communities by providing social services to individuals and families based on the Jewish values of compassion, social justice and improving the world.
Cassidy Roberts, Junior Achievement Alumni Speaking At The Calgary Business Hall of Fame
Imagine the potential each of us has when someone takes the time to invest in our future. We are the link between education and the business world.