Excel Family and Youth Society

we serve these populations

  • children and youth
  • immigrant newcomers
  • women

we need help with:

  • domestic violence
  • education
  • employment
  • food security
  • literacy

Requesting $150000



Excel Family and youth Society (EFYS) was established in 2010, and   is a 100% Black-led organization with its head office located in Calgary, Alberta. Each of the leadership positions in the governance of the organization, including the board of directors and executive committee are held by people who self-identify as Black. The mandate, activities and outcomes are focused on supporting members of Black communities in Calgary.

As a 100% Black-led grass roots not-for-profit organization, EFYS understands the challenges and issues of Black Canadians. This understanding has been gained from over 12 years of working with Black communities who have shared their lived experiences during engagements arranged by EFYS, such as seminars, workshops, and individual consultations. As a role player in building bridges between Canadian Black, families, entrepreneurs, newcomers and youth and the Canadian economic and cultural systems. our main goal is to help a black community members and newcomers to be productive, well integrated, and proud Canadian citizens. Due to lack of sufficient finance our organization is providing free community services and implement all its programs by using only its dedicated volunteers. We ask your financial support and help us to run the following programs effectively and reduce unemployment and poverty in the community.

1- Youth Effectiveness Support Program

We educate and assist youths to build and enhance their self-image, confidence, and skills which will help them for higher employment and opportunities. We provide leadership training and workshops through youth event and workshops.

2- Immigration Support Services/ Welcome to Canada Service

With a focus on newcomer families from East Africa, and we provide, counseling and referral services to help ease the process of settling in Canada.

Our immigration support services include, employment services, basic computer training, job search support, workshops on how to start managing and grow small business and information provision on Canadian culture and living.

By helping newcomers understand the Canadian lifestyle, education, financial, and banking system, they grow confidently in being valued members of our Canadian society.

–                 Basic Computer training

–                 Employment Service via Job Fair

–                 How to start, manage and grow your business

–                 Black lead business Financing workshops

4- Crime prevention program

5- Counseling on different areas

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Thank you

Our Urgent needs are :

1/ Computer lab or classrooms to run our Basic computer class annual facility cost $24,000
2/ Social media and web administration cost annual $45,000
3/ Our Youth effectiveness training coordinator, annual cost $45,000
4/ Facility and Office Space rental. $35,000
5/ Law income community members support program including food delivery and employment services annual cost $55,000

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Dr Girma Lulu

Excutive Director

(403) 681-9732


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