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  • children and youth
  • Disabilities
  • indigenous communities
  • women

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  • arts
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MRU is an undergraduate university known for:

  • smaller class sizes
  • faculty members with a passion for helping students succeed
  • research that matters for our community and economy

From our founding in 1910 as Mount Royal College, we have focused on education and opportunity to benefit students and society.  We are not a one-size-fits-all institution, nor do we aspire to be all things to all people.  We focus in areas where we can make an impact and help our students and community partners succeed.  We are most definitely interested in you as an individual, and in your ideas and what matters to you.  As we like to say, “You belong here.”

We are a changemaker campus:

MRU is one of fewer than 50 universities in the world to receive the Ashoka Changemaker Campus designation. A Changemaker Campus operates in socially and environmentally conscious ways to address local and global challenges. The designation recognizes investment in the continuous development of individuals who see the value of higher education in making the world a better place.

We are proud of this designation and welcome your friendship and philanthropic investment toward these goals.

Our vision is to provide an exceptional undergraduate experience.  The impact? – transformed lives, new opportunities, advances in research, growing businesses, healthy families and stronger communities.

MRU focuses on strong undergraduate programs and serving our community across six faculties:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Continuing Education
  • Health, Community & Education
  • Science & Technology

MRU has vibrant research programs in areas relevant to our community and economy, and student participation in research is a highlight.  Undergraduates at MRU are able to “get their hands on the steering wheel” of research projects much earlier than is common at most universities.

MRU is known for its strength in Indigenous initiatives, outlined in the Indigenous Strategic Plan.  Retention and graduation rates for Indigenous students at MRU have steadily risen and are now about level with the overall campus population, a tremendous marker of success and hard work.

Across all programs, there is a focus on experiential learning, which is a kind of high-octane accelerant to the learning process.  Experiential learning ignites the core academic ingredients of classroom instruction, study materials, and learning assignments.  Examples can range from community service learning, to work-integrated learning, co-op placements, field trips, case competitions, research projects and more.  Every form provides an opportunity to practice and refine the learning acquired in the classroom, library or lab.

Overall, an MRU education is about thinking and doing – and our focus is on producing skilled graduates who thrive in thinking and doing.  In all of the career paths they pursue, this is how MRU grads succeed and contribute for themselves, their families, our communities and our economy.

We would like to highlight three program areas for your consideration of philanthropic support (and we welcome your interest around any of our wide range of programs and initiatives):

  • Trico Changemakers Studio
  • Indigenous Bursaries
  • The Conservatory

Trico Changemakers Studio

The Trico Changemakers Studio is about creating change to benefit our community, including change at a systems level, and providing experiential learning opportunities for students.

The impact of our work in the social sector has become even more relevant during the COVID-19 period, and community demand for partnering with the Trico Changemakers Studio has continued to grow.  While this strong interest is welcome, there is a related challenge in sustaining the base operating budget required while meeting increasing demand.

The Trico Changemakers Studio takes a (social) entrepreneurship approach in generating revenue to support its operations, in addition to donor grants.  However, there is a funding gap of $250,000 per year projected through each of the next three years, for a total of $750,000.  We invite your support, particularly through donor-advised grants, to help us meet this gap.  Thank you.

Indigenous University Bridging Program

The IUBP is a university preparation program for students of Indigenous ancestry. It is the oldest, longest running Indigenous program at MRU and is designed to meet the needs of Indigenous students who are preparing to pursue post-secondary education. Criteria for student admittance includes:

  •  Self-identify as having Indigenous ancestry.
  • Successful completion of grade 9/10 or better through high school or upgrading programs.

We have a donor who has offered to match bursary funding for IUBP students (up to $75,000 per year for a three year period) and we are seeking additional matched funding of $75,000 per year over that time. This would provide a generous yearly bursary for 20 students to begin their post-secondary journey. Many bands do not fund bridging programs, and without viable and continuous funding, students frequently find themselves encountering challenging circumstances where they may have no choice but to leave school.

The Conservatory at Mount Royal University – unlocking artistic potential through inspiring music education

As an exceptional provider of arts education, the Conservatory is a leading international force behind the introduction, development, exploration, and mastery of the performing arts.

The Academy Program for Young Artists and Advance Performance Programs (APP) are the premier classical music education programs of the Conservatory – offering students a comprehensive music education featuring a balanced, performance-based course of study. Academy and APP students hone their performance skills and gain essential artistic experience in a variety of settings, with inspiring opportunities to creatively work and perform with world renowned instructors and professional guest artists.

Due to the high cost of tuition for the Academy Program for Young Artists and APP Programs (ranging from $5,400 to $9,780 per year, depending on the program), the Conservatory is seeking to grow the Academy Endowment to $6 million in order to provide tuition relief to all students by way of a Young Artist Grant. On average, Young Artist Grants subsidize the fees paid by students by 46% but, currently, the Academy Endowment is only able to provide Young Artist Grants to a third of Academy Students. Philanthropic naming opportunities are available for gifts towards the endowment starting at $30,000.

Growing the Academy Endowment with philanthropic support from donors like you will be instrumental in ensuring that every young Academy student can access these programs at an attainable cost.

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