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#NotInMyCity is a movement raising awareness and taking collective action to prevent and end human trafficking with a focus on Child Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking.

Our Story

Why We Exist

#NotInMyCity is a movement championed by Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame honouree and humanitarian Paul Brandt with his wife Liz Brandt, geared towards raising awareness of Human Trafficking across Canada. They were first exposed to the issue of trafficking during a humanitarian trip to Cambodia with their non-profit Buckspring Foundation, where they witnessed children as young as 5 being purchased and exploited. Upon returning to Canada, they were compelled to address the issue of trafficking in their home country. Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada with 93 percent of Canada’s trafficking victims coming from Canada. More than 75% of people working in the Canadian sex trade began working as a child.

#NotInMyCity was launched in 2017 as an awareness campaign, and has since grown into a nation-wide movement. It has become known for the iconic yellow rose emblem that now represents the cause, created by renowned Canadian designer, Paul Hardy. The rose is a symbol of support, and a statement that you stand in solidarity with trafficking victims and survivors as an Ally of #NotInMyCity.

There are many public and private organizations across Alberta and Canada that address the issue of human trafficking in different ways. The role of #NotInMyCity is to bring these key partners and stakeholders together to build a collaborative action plan to create sustainable change. We create working groups with representatives from the major sectors and non-profit agencies to ensure information sharing, consistent messaging and a full wrap-around response for any trafficking victim entering the system.

Our Impact

What We Do

#NotInMyCity brings key partners and stakeholders together to engage, commit and collectively build an action plan to prevent and end human trafficking with a focus on Child Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking.
The leadership team for #NIMC is committed to working with all partners to support, facilitate and advocate for the development and mobilization of a strategic, integrated plan to bring about transformational and sustainable change at the grassroots, practice, policy and legislative levels.

Partners and supporters include a growing list of visionary businesses and organizations along with First Nations groups, representatives from Ministries within the Provincial Government, City of Calgary, the sectors of Police, Justice, Health, Children’s Services, Education and not for profit community agencies. In a short period of time, #NIMC has been able to go from talking about an issue to doing something about it. People are having meaningful conversations, organizations are sitting together at the table and the issue of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking is increasingly being addressed with a sense of urgency, collaboration and purpose.

Key Accomplishments of #NIMC include: 

  • Spearheading a consultation process in the fall of 2017 with individuals who provided expertise and perspective on the issue of Human Trafficking from regional, provincial and national levels.
  • Mapping A Collaborative Strategy with senior representatives from the large sectors of Police, Health, Children’s Services, Justice, Education, First Nations, City of Calgary and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.
  • Creating Four Key Strategic Directions with a Strategic/Operational Plan to support and guide action steps for each strategy.
  • Forming a High Risk Youth Working Group, which includes representation from the large sectors, as well as not for profit agencies including Hull Services, McMan, Wood’s and Boys and Girls.
  • Partnering with The Calgary Airport Authority, which includes placement of the yellow rose in the airport arrivals area and women’s washrooms, and electronic screens at the gates and flight information boards displaying a compelling #NotInMyCity message.
  • Collaborating with Calgary Transit as they rolled out 30 buses in four quadrants of the city with the #NotInMyCity banner prominently displayed along the sides of the buses.
  • Increasing Awareness and Knowledge by establishing a standardized, comprehensive education program.
  • Advancing the Conversation with Police Forces by working in partnership with the Calgary Police Service to host information sessions and discussions, designed for Police personnel, on Human Trafficking for a sexual purpose and Child Exploitation.
  • Touring Across Canada with Paul Brandt to 21 Canadian cities, bringing #NIMC to 60,000 concert fans. Allies including High Valley’s Curtis Rempel, Jess Moskaluke and Paul’s bandmates wore the yellow rose to show their support.

Our Programs

How We Do It

#NotInMyCity has created Four Key Strategic Directions, with a Strategic/Operational Plan to support and guide action steps for each strategy. These directions include:

Supporting High Risk Youth 

  • Our High Risk Youth Working Group includes representation from the large sectors, as well as not for profit agencies including Hull Services, McMan, Wood’s and Boys and Girls Club.  The working group has prioritized the need to develop a Collaborative Community Outreach Model to ensure youth do not fall between the cracks as they access and transition between services in the community. We want to ensure accessible, timely and integrated services are in place across the continuum of care and support.

Building Community Awareness and Action 

  • We are Increasing Awareness and Knowledge by establishing a standardized, comprehensive education program to provide key information on what you need to know to identify and respond to sexual exploitation/trafficking. This series of “What You Need to Know” training tools is being built for parents and frontline professionals with expertise from the University of Arizona (Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research, ASU School of Social Work).

Working in Partnership with First Nations 

  • Discussions are taking place with representatives from Treaty 6, 7 and 8 to discuss strategies for engaging and working with First Nations.

Advancing Leading Practice 

  • We are continuously working in collaboration with regional key stakeholders, First Nations and at the Provincial, National and International levels to continually improve outcomes through evidence-based practice in education, training, victim services and research.  Efforts must be taken to work in the best interests of the victim through collaborative and innovative practice.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

You can Be An Ally with #NotInMyCity by taking different actions:

  • Wear our yellow rose and share the work of #NotInMyCity
  • Follow us on social media and help us get the word out
  • Support our work as an individual or business through funding or partnership


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