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  • addiction recovery
  • domestic violence
  • food security
  • human trafficking
  • mental health

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Description of Need

It’s been a struggle over the last three weeks as COVID19 has forced us to use our transitional homes to deliver the life-skills classroom & 1:1 counseling virtually. We are doing everything we can to keep the women & children in the program as well as the staff safe.

RESET has also been forced to cancel the annual Book Drive & Sale scheduled for early June. The loss of our largest fundraiser of the year is a devastating blow to us as it provides 12% of our program funding.


Our Story – Why We Exist

Since our organization began in 1989, we have supported over 1000 women and girls and provided them with safety and the tools and resources to rebuild their lives.

Individuals involved in sexual exploitation often have intersectional identities and experience multiple layers of vulnerability, disadvantage, and marginalization.

“In the RESET classroom I learned the basic life skills I was lacking. I learned about boundaries, effective and appropriate communication, and how to seek guidance and support from safe people. I had to show up and be accountable, both in the classroom and in my work experience contract as a receptionist. Day by day, that is where I developed a work ethic.

Today I work in a recovery centre as a case manager. I have been with the same employer for three years. I am a single mother of two, and happy to say that my children have everything they need because I provide it for them. I went to university as a mature student, and I am continuing to pursue my education. I am passionate about education and hope to instill that in my children.” – 2007 Participant

RESET Society of Calgary responds by providing rapid-exit safe housing, supported housing, trauma-informed recovery-based life-skills training and intensive, 1-1 case management that guides women toward healing, self-development and independence.

“RESET programming has taught me how to live, and for that I will be forever grateful. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.” 2009 Participant

Our Impact – What We Do

RESET is the only organization in Canada that provides long-term, 24/7, intensive 1:1 case management, comprehensive wrap-around non-time-limited programming and progressive levels of supportive housing. Results from the 2020/2021 evaluation survey indicated that:

8,875+ safe and secure nights were provided to women and their children
86% of Participants had issues with addiction
92% of Participants were homeless at time of intake
30% of women were pregnant or had children
26% of women identified as Indigenous, First Nations or Metis

“Coming to RESET, I’ve learned that I am not helpless. Suffering from trauma does not just apply to me. The intense healing has lifted some of the weight off my shoulders. I feel like I can finally breathe. I certainly have a long way to go, but I know that I have the support I need. I can do anything if I try.” – 2018 Participant

An independent social return on investment completed for 2018-2020 showed RESET’s programming is $9 for every dollar invested. Investments made into the program increase social value through a decrease in drug-related crime, incarceration, police involvement and emergency service use. More importantly, investments in RESET programming provide a moral return on investment that saves lives, reunifies mothers with their children, encourages healthy living and community contributions, enables women to return to school or become employed, and empowers them to build their self-esteem and realize their incredible worth.

Our Programs – How We Do It

The EXploitation, Intervention & Transition (EXIT) Program provides intensive 1-1 case management, comprehensive, non-time-limited programming and progressive levels of supportive housing. RESET programming is delivered as a trauma-informed, three-phase continuum of services that seamlessly supports Participants as they exit sexual exploitation and begin to build capacity and life-skills that transition them into long-term independence. We also understand the intergenerational impact that sexual exploitation of mothers can have on their children and we work with mothers and children together to heal traumas and support positive, loving and stable relationships. The final goal is for Participants to be empowered to enter back into the community as stable, independent, contributing members of society.

“Getting up every morning, going to class, and participating feel like accomplishments, and they are! Now I see that I have many options for my future. I am just at the beginning of dreaming again.” – 2016 Participant

Life-Skills Classroom
The Life-Skills Classroom delivers trauma-informed, relationship-based and recovery-oriented curriculum, providing Participants with skills and opportunities that enable them to live healthier lives. Lessons taught in class focus on healthy relationships, addiction and relapse prevention, money management, co-dependencies, therapeutic recreation, empowered employment, nutrition, academics and women’s health issues. Each Participant is supported 1:1 by a RESET Key Worker during their time in the classroom, which usually lasts 12 months.

RESET provides two stages of housing that provide women and children with a safe place to live and an opportunity to implement the tools and skills they have built in the Life-Skills Classroom. For the first 30 days, Participants stay in the fully staffed i-EXIT safe housing. At intake, RESET works to address the immediate needs of women seeking to exit sexual exploitation. It is a place to stabilize their recovery in a supported environment. In stage two, women move into supportive housing and begin attending the Life-Skills classroom from Monday – Friday. A Live-In Volunteer or Peer Mentor supports Participants and models the attitudes and life-skills taught in the EXIT program.

Employment Skills
RESET Employment Skills Training enables women in the EXIT Program to identify career interests and goals and to complete effective work experience placements that increase workplace confidence and skills. This training empowers women to secure permanent, community-based employment. RESET also provides ongoing employment support through our Community Support program.

Community Support
The Community Support Program provides comprehensive guidance as Participants graduate and seek long-term independence. The Community Support program provides links to tools, resources, and referrals on an ongoing basis.

Educational Scholarships
RESET helps women obtain long-term independence by supporting their completion of education through relevant scholarship applications, facilitating school and college campus visits, and tutoring throughout the school year. The RESET Scholarship Fund was created to ensure that all RESET graduates have an opportunity to return to school without the cost being a barrier to their success. Grants are awarded to any qualifying Participant.

Our Requests – What You Can Do

Help turn darkness into light

Your gift helps to empower women and encourages them to dream again. To make a secure, online donation, click here.

Monthly Giving
As a monthly supporter of RESET Society of Calgary, you play a crucial role in the ongoing implementation of RESET programming. Monthly donations can be set at the dollar amount of your choosing. Click here to enroll.

All RESET donations of $20 or more will be issued a charitable tax receipt.

RESET Society of Calgary hosts major fundraisers throughout the year, including the Annual Book Drive & Sale and the Sexual Exploitation Training and Awareness Conference (SETA). These events could not be possible without the support of volunteers. To get involved, click here.

“As a RESET volunteer, the stories of these women’s experiences moved me. Through both triumphs and loss, their courage shines through as they work to heal. RESET Team, continue your goal to make dreams become reality for exploited women.” – 2018 Volunteer

Host a Community Event
Organizing a community event is a great way to raise awareness and funds for RESET. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, contact us at 403-237-8477 or by email at [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your willingness to support RESET Society of Calgary. Your generosity enables us to fulfill our mission and lets women and girls know that there is a way out.


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