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Two Wheel View – Calgary Ltd.

We are changing kids’ lives from the seat of a bike.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Albert was about as timid as you could be which made him reluctant to share his thoughts or participate with others. His lack of self-confidence was evident and influenced his school life tremendously. We had the privilege of working with Albert through our Earn-a-Bike program.

Throughout the eight weeks of our program, our facilitators were ecstatic to see this withdrawn youth open up and realize his full potential. What was first a reluctance to participate eventually became unbridled enthusiasm for getting his hands dirty & sharing his ideas. As another successful Earn-a-Bike program graduation day arrived, our participants were encouraged to try out their new bikes in the soccer field behind the school. Most were delighted for this opportunity – except Albert. Having never ridden a bike before in his life – he expressed that he would rather just walk his bike home and practice privately. With a little encouragement and riding tips from the facilitators & volunteers, Albert gathered his newfound confidence and within ten minutes was riding alongside the others – his smile as big as the soccer field.

Most people have a “First Bike” story. They can often remember the details of their first cycling experience.  They know who they were with, where they were and how they felt biking for the first time. We are honoured to be a part of Albert’s first bike story.

Our Impact

What We Do

Two Wheel View (TWV) provides life-changing experiences for young people. TWV is a mission driven organization that creates opportunities for young people to learn and practice lessons in leadership, health and wellness, self-esteem, achievement, and environmental stewardship through their participation in bicycle education programs and bike trips.

TWV believes that all youth should have the opportunity to expand their physical and cultural boundaries. There are many youth that are never exposed to what may provide the greatest source of learning – real life experiences that bring home valuable insights and logical steps for positive change.

Rick and Tanya McFerrin founded TWV in 2000 after a two-year bicycle expedition around the world. Their experiences and perspectives on the world, as seen from the seat of a bike, created the basis for TWV.



Over the next 5-years, TWV will serve more than 3,000 youth through high impact after school programs, community education and expedition programs.

GOAL 1: Become Leaders in Youth Development Programming

  • TWV will serve 2,000 youth in 25 new program locations in Calgary.
  • TWV will serve 1,000 youth & community leaders in 50 Community Education Programs.

GOAL 2: Become Leaders in Youth Cycling Expeditions

  • TWV will lead 35 expeditions for 350 youth in Canada, USA, Argentina, and Norway.
  • Engage host communities in program development and cultural exchange.

GOAL 3: Strengthen Organizational Capacity for Long Term Success

  • Develop local and national partnerships to extend TWV reach.
  • Raise TWV profile in Calgary, nationally and abroad.

Our Programs

How We Do It

TWV programs increase youth resiliency and lessen risk factors of students through cognitive development, social competence, and emotional and physical wellbeing; thus increasing their likelihood of future success. We do this in two ways:

The Earn-a-Bike ‘Bike Club’ program uses the bike as a tool to develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as bike mechanic capabilities in youth ages 11-17. Each week participants come to program where they receive a healthy snack, play games and discuss the daily lessons in both social-emotional learning (teamwork, initiative, emotional regulation, problem solving, responsibility, empathy and community building) and bike mechanics (fixing a tire, gear adjustments, chains, brakes etc). They have the opportunity to use tools and disassemble and reassemble bikes every week.

In Bike Club youth:

  • Use tools and learn about bikes and bike mechanics
  • Take part in active games, bike rides and have fun
  • Eat healthy snacks, practice leadership skill and gain confidence
  • Earn a bike, lock and helmet of their own

For many of our participants, this is the only way they can afford to get a bike. More than just a toy, these bikes are helping our youth get to school, to part-time jobs or to other after school activities as well as keeping them physically active. Our program builds confidence and teaches them life-long skills in a safe, encouraging and hands-on learning environment. They also have the opportunity to connect with positive adult mentors who provide guidance, friendship and support during the program.

Our Bike Trip programs target students 14 years old and older, allowing them connect with the natural environment and actively participate in an adventurous experience. Imagine spending a few weeks riding in western Canada’s mountain parks or cycling Quebec’s scenic bike paths – experiencing outdoor adventure, exploring new cultures, expanding your mind.

TWV offers a grass-roots approach to bicycle travel that allow students to take part in daily trip planning, engage with local communities, participate in service-learning projects and raise their level of environmental and social awareness. Participants gain strength, confidence, and perspective as they create memories that will last a lifetime. The TWV Trips are open to students and groups from all regions of Canada and the USA, cultures, religions, ethnic groups and economic circumstances.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

There are many great ways you can get involved with Two Wheel View:

  • Make a donation to support our programs.
  • Buy a bike at the TWV Workshop. The proceeds from our refurbished bike sales goes directly to support our youth programs.
  • Donate your old bike to find a new life with a youth in your community. Bikes can be donated at our workshop at 1725 10th Ave SW.
  • Volunteer your mechanical skills to fix up bike donations for our Earn-a-Bike participants at one of our volunteer nights. Gain skills while giving a youth a great bike though our regular Volunteer Mechanics Nights
  • Raise-a-Ride and sponsor a youth in need to attend one of Two Wheel View summer bike trip experiences.
  • Be a “Vehicle for Change” and attend our annual spring fundraiser or learn more about the value of youth adventure programs at our annual “The Adventurers” Speaker Series each fall.
  • Organize your own fundraising event in support of youth programming at Two Wheel View
  • Join our board! Use your skills to help build the future of Two Wheel View programming.

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