• What is a registered charity?

    A charitable organization, public foundation, or private foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. A registered charity is issued a Registration Number once approved.

  • What is a nonprofit organization?

    Associations, clubs, or societies that are not charities and are organized and operated exclusively for social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure, recreation, or any other purpose except profit.

  • What is an Equity-Deserving Community-Led Organization?

    Equity-deserving community-led organizations aim to serve those marginalized by social structures. From the board level to senior leadership, these organizations are led by the people they exist to serve.

    Equity-deserving communities often experience social and financial disadvantages as a result of systems of oppression. Oppression takes many forms, including but not limited to racism, sexism, and ableism. Therefore, examples of equity-seeking communities include Indigenous people; ethnic or linguistic minorities; sexual and gender minorities; and persons with a disability.

    This list is not exhaustive and is always evolving. People who belong to multiple equity-deserving communities often experience overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. Taken from the disability movement, the saying “Nothing About Us Without Us” is what guides this definition.

  • What is an Indigenous-led organization?

    This organization has Indigenous leadership at all levels, Indigenous cultures and languages are central to daily operations, formal protocols with Indigenous communities are in place, and programs are delivered by Indigenous people.

  • What is a Black-led organization?

    This organization is run by black leaders.

  • Why become a CKC member?
    • Explore the exclusive CKC members-only Members’ Corner with hundreds of resources, forums to connect with other members and ask questions, and a nonprofit sector news section.
    • Discover opportunities for collaboration and partnerships within the sector
    • Increase your marketing and communication skills through specialized workshops and events
  • What are the requirements to join CKC?

    Recognizing the important work that grassroots and non-profit organizations do in our community, CKC membership is now open to both registered charities and non-profits that directly service Calgary and area.

    NEW! CKC also has a specific category for Equity-deserving community-led (see below for full definition).

  • What are the improved features of the CKC website?

    Improved Search: A robust search engine function and refined search mechanism to allow for meaningful results and filtering in both the directory and the Member’s Corner.

    Refreshed Look: The new website incorporates the Foundation’s new brand fonts and colours.

    CKC Member Profiles: Changes to existing profiles include:

    • A progress bar to track fundraising goal
    • Condensed profiles that highlight the organization’s most pressing needs
    • Simplified profile views to enable easy browsing and donating
    • A link to DonorCentral for Calgary Foundation Fundholders to login
    • Profiles will no longer have a section for board member lists, photo albums, videos, or links to social media

    Directory Structure: The old directory structure mirrored the Foundation’s Vital Priorities and has been replaced with a directory structure that is easier for visitors to understand and filter. You can now search by issue area, population served, and organization type (charity/non-profit/Black-led/Indigenous-led/Equity-deserving community-led).

  • What are the new features of the CKC website?

    Non-profit membership: Recognizing the important work that non-profit organizations do in our community, CKC membership will now be open to both registered charities and non-profits.

    Issue Area spotlight: Ability to spotlight a specific area of interest on the directory for awareness days and months or urgent needs that pop up in the community. Ex: Domestic violence prevention month, Mental Health week, Indigenous History Month, etc.

    Members’ Corner: This section on the backend of the website is login-based and strictly for CKC members to access. There are three sections:

    • Resource Library of capacity building content for charities and non-profits from Equity and Anti-Racism to Fundraising.
    • Discussion forums for the charitable and nonprofit communities to connect and share.
    • Sector news where members can see what’s on at Calgary Foundation such as events, webinars, workshops, initiatives, granting deadlines, other funding opportunities, etc.
  • What type of content should be included on my organization's CKC profile?

    Profiles are now shortened to showcase only your organization’s most pressing needs, with a progress bar to track towards your fundraising goal. Please refer to the best practices guide to make the most of your CKC profile.

  • How often should I be updating my profile?

    Your profile should always reflect your organization’s current need(s). Update your profile and fundraising progress bar frequently as you move closer to your fundraising goal.

  • How do I update my organization's CKC profile?

    You can update your profile at any time following these easy steps:

    1. Log in HERE.
    2. Forgot password? Reset your password here. If you do not know the username or email address for your account, please contact our team.
    3. Refer to the How to update your CKC profile guide to make the most of your CKC profile.
  • How do I reset my password?