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Alberta Tomorrow Foundation

Requesting $80000

We serve these populations:

  • Children and Youth

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Our Needs

The arrival of Covid19 has profoundly affected all aspects of life for all Albertans, and those across the country and the consequences will remain with Albertans for many months, or years. Our educational system and been hugely disrupted with all school-aged children removed from the conventional school system, and we don’t know what a return in the fall will look like.

What we do know is that students are feeling stress and anxiety and need to understand the complexities of Covid19 pandemic in a balanced and informative way.

In this time of acute educational need, Alberta Tomorrow, together with the ALCES Group, has embarked on a mission to build and deliver a new educational module that will be free, accurate, and engaging, emphasizing the importance of beneficial management practices to help slow the spread of the virus. It will be:
Based on science and data.
Online and FREE.
Interactive with age appropriate lesson plans and videos.
Help alleviate student stress and anxiety.

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Jennifer Janzen
Executive Director

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