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Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area

Requesting $200,000

We serve these populations:

  • Aging Population (Seniors)
  • Children and Youth
  • Immigrant Newcomers

we need help with:

  • Increased demand on service
  • Operating Dollars

Our Needs

Due to the cancellation of school programs from now until the end of August, we have lost approximately $17,000 in revenue (after applying the federal government’s just announced wage subsidy we calculate to be around $7,000) from registration fees. It is an added concern that at least one of our major funders has just advised us they are now required to revisit their funding commitments due to the current economic climate and will let us know where they stand in a couple of weeks. We would dearly love to be able to weather this storm without losing any of our long-time and dedicated and valuable employees. Without funding, it is unlikely groups of kids from high needs schools – typically kids who are new arrivals to Canada who have never had an outdoor experience – will have a chance to visit the Cross.

Many families are facing the challenges caused by the school closures and we are encouraging families to spend time in the outdoors and receive the health and mental benefits of such visits. To facilitate those visits safely, we have waived our registration and parking fees to avoid spreading the virus through touch when registering and paying those fees. We are not able to quantify the amount we will lose at this time but feel it is the right thing to do.

Contact Info

Greg Shyba
403 931 4070

More Info

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