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Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI)

Requesting $100000

We serve these populations:

  • Aging Population (Seniors)
  • Immigrant Newcomers
  • Indigenous Communities

we need help with:

  • Support to vulnerable populations
  • Event Cancellations
  • Operating Dollars

Our Needs

ARBI provides vital services for adults and seniors that are experiencing the effects of severe Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries. For more than 40 years we have met the recovery needs of thousands of people and their families. More than 60% of our clients reside in care facilities and are unable to leave to attend their rehabilitation programs.

During the temporary closure ARBI is continuing to reach out to our clients. We will be communicating through wellness calls and utilize social media and internet services to share resources, virtual programming support and facilitate socialization. This will assist in reducing isolation and increase connectivity.

Additionally, we are developing supports for caregivers and for Psychosocial supports for our clients during this challenging time. We are requesting $100,000.00 to support the cost of providing staff to develop and deliver the programs. Thanks so much for your kind consideration.

Contact Info

Luanne Whitmarsh
Executive Director

More Info

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