A Black History Month ‘Celebration of Excellence’

At this Celebration of Excellence, we will be spotlighting Black women who have been ‘firsts’, ‘onlys’ and ‘trendsetters’. It will be an evening of knowlegde-sharing, a time to enjoy dinner and performance from local and young performers, and partake in raffle sessions through out the event.

BHM has become a stage to not only commemorate the achievements of Blacks, but also underscore the struggles as well. The observance of Black History Month in Calgary has also been a catalyst for discussions on racial equality, social justice, and the ongoing struggle against discrimination. It has provided opportunities for dialogue, education, and allyship among people from different backgrounds, fostering a greater understanding of the challenges faced by Blacks in the city (and nationally) and promoting the importance of inclusivity and diversity. It serves as a reminder of the progress made, and the work that still needs to be done to address systemic inequities and create a more just and inclusive society.

At this event, you can expect:

To engage in meaningful conversations,
Hear our panel challenge stereotypes about the Black community,
A more inclusive understanding of history and identity,
A celebration of the achievements and contributions of the Black community,
To honor the community’s resilience and strength, and
Awakening of society to our collective duty of working towards a future where diversity, equality, and justice are fully realized.
You are invited to gain inspirational insights from the speakers on overcoming challenges, and breaking barriers, and accomplishing exceptional feats. In keeping with WTALs pillars, networking and mingling are a pertinent part of our events so, come and make new and/or and build necessary connections.


In addition to learning, expect:

Enjoyable performances from Black artistes,
An attractive buffet-style dinner and drinks,
Engage in multiple rounds of raffle draws,
Make new connections,
Meet renowned and award-winning author, documentary film director, screenwriter, and playwright, Cheryl Foggo (VIP tickets),
Gifts (souvenirs for VIP tickets),
Many more!




For more than three decades, Cheryl Foggo has dedicated her career as an award-winning author, documentary film director, screenwriter, and playwright to sharing Black perspectives and stories. Now, she is exploring how to continue capturing, preserving, and sharing Black history in Alberta.

Profiled in Who’s Who in Black Canada, Cheryl has received public and critical acclaim, and garnered multiple awards over the decades, including the 2008 national Harry Jerome Award for The Arts. She received the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Award, The Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award and the Arts, Media and Entertainment Award from the Calgary Black Chambers, in 2021. In 2022, she received the Women Making History in Alberta Award from Heritage Park and was inducted into the Alberta Order of Excellence. Cheryl also received the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (Alberta) and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Mount Royal University in June of 2023.



Adedoyin Omotara is a Beauty Entrepreneur, Women’s empowerment advocate, Speaker, Life Coach and Business Coach. Adedoyin made Black history in Calgary as the founder of the first all women-owned Black collective. Adedoyin is the founder of Adoniaa Collective, a store that sells products made and sold by Black female entrepreneurs ranging from skin care and spices to clothing and makeup. The mission for the Adoniaa brand is to uplift women and to validate women. Adedoyin determined to resolve the concern that “Beauty” today, far from being that poetic “joy forever”, is, unfortunately, a stressful source of insecurity for countless women.

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Perpie has headlined several shows/events: the Canadian Jazz Festival (2021), Ethnik Festival (2023) and her self-produced; sold out ‘Ije Live’ Concert with Orchestra at the studio Bell performance hall in 2022. Her music has been described as “uplifting and a bouquet of everything good, radiating beautiful human emotions”.

Perpetual blends classical and African contemporary art music with a touch of jazz, soul and storytelling. This unique composition has earned her nominations in three categories for the 2023 YYC Music awards and winner of the YYC Music Award for Jazz Recording of the Year. She has also received the Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee Medal (2023), Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Award (2022) and New Canadian Artist Award (2021).

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Larissa Crawford (She/Elle) is also the Founder of Future Ancestors Services, an Indigenous and Black-owned, youth-led professional services social enterprise that advances climate justice and systemic barrier removal with lenses of anti-racism and ancestral accountability. Through a disabled and queer team of professionals and advisors, they provide speaking, training, research and consulting services, and influencer and interview services to +400 diverse clients. They do this while centering decolonized and Indigenized practices, and are constantly reimagining how we can learn, relate, and work together in healthy ways.

In 2022 Larissa was honored with the York University One to Watch Alumni Award, in Complex Canada’s 20 Creators Who Will Shape the Next 20 Years of The Culture, and in 2020-21 in Women of Influence’s Top 25 list; in Refinery Canada’s 29 Powerhouses; as York University’s Top 30 Under 30 Alumni; in HuffPost’s 26 Indigenous Influencers to Follow; and with the Pollution Probe Equity in Sustainability Award. She supports international brands such as Merrell, Nike, and The Body Shop, in better serving and representing her communities.

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Socially conscious innovator, Evelyne Nyairo, is the driving force behind the luxurious all-natural skincare line, Ellie Bianca Beauty, is no novice to the business.

In just over 8 years of operations, Evelyne has gone on to build a Canada-based skin care line that boasts thirty-four all-natural products and a multi-continental presence, using organic oils and butters from Africa and all over the world to formulate and produce products. Evelyne’s contributions have been recognized and honoured by many including:

Winner of the Prestigious 2021 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurship award
Featured on the 2021 Dragon’s Den
Semi-finalist of the CANIE Black Entrepreneur of The Year Award
Receiving the CHFA Industry Achievement Award for Celebrating Diversity
Receiving the Covid 19 Leader Award for working to keep Canadians safe with our soap and hand sanitizer project.
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